Preparing for Easter

You might be surprised to know that the season I'm already looking forward to this year is Lenten season. The season—which starts this year on March 5 and runs for six weeks up to Easter—has begun to bloom within my soul after years of being just a bud, tightly wrapped and green. 

Through this season I can keep my mind and body tethered to walking with God as I ruminate on the pinnacle event that changed everything: the Cross.

In our non-denominational church last year, we had a service to mark the first day of the Lenten season. I attended and experienced a more somber service than normal in a very dimly-lit room. We were encouraged to look inward to acknowledge our need for a Savior, remembering that we came from dust and to dust we will return, and pause before God in humility and repentance.

This season excites me because of its intense Christ-focus—and even more, its cross-focus. In my love for tradition and history, I've rediscovered a richness in the traditional church calendar. After the meditations of Christmas and pondering the mystery of "God with us," I can keep my mind and body tethered to walking with God as I ruminate on the pinnacle event that changed everything: the Cross.

At this time last year, I found my head buried in the Old Testament while developing a new resource for families to use. The Messiah Mystery combs through some of our well-loved Old Testament Bible stories for clues that point to the Messiah. After decades of studying the Bible, I still found my eyes wide with awe at the genius of God as He pointed the world to history's culmination in the person of Jesus Christ the King.

And isn't that what I want this year to be about? If Christ is to be King of my year, captivating and determining my thoughts from one season to the next, what would that look like?

The Messiah Mystery is a hands-on resource of six discussion-provoking explorations, leading your family into critical "clues" around the identity and necessity of Jesus. Starting in the Garden of Eden, through the Exodus, the Temple, and beyond, it's designed to make the Bible come alive as younger children "paint" your doorposts like the Hebrews did, or teenagers engage around ancient prophecies. It includes a magnifying glass, clue journals for children to document their discoveries—and even a countdown paper chain to Easter with a secret clue on the last day. The Messiah Mystery is low on prep, easy enough to use together after dinner once a week. Click here to learn more.

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Barbara Rainey

Barbara Rainey

Barbara Rainey is the Co-Founder of FamilyLife, the mother of six and a grandmother to 18 – she is also a mentor and friend to countless women in the United States and abroad. She is a gifted communicator – and artist – who has created, and continues to create, resources that help parents and children connect and impress on their hearts the truth of God's word. Barbara is the Titus 2 woman we all long to spend time learning from and will embolden you to spend time in the word and be a world changer, while prioritizing family – she will inspire and empower!

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