Personality Assessments, Humility, and True Woman ’18

Next Week: True Woman ’18!

Our team is in full conference prep mode, and we’re gearing up for the tenth anniversary of the True Woman Movement! True Woman ’18 is September 27–29 in Indianapolis; 7,000 women will be joining us on site, and we are praying that thousands more would join us online. The livestream is free, and it’s going to be better than ever with live hosts and special guests! Register here to watch as an individual or as a group.

Gay Girl, Good God: The Story of Who I Was And Who God Has Always Been

Jackie Hill Perry is a writer, poet, and speaker who will be joining us at True Woman ’18. Her new book, Gay Girl, Good God, has just been released. Watch Jackie share some of her story, and make plans to watch her sessions at True Woman ’18. Watch this 6-minute video.

Personality Assessments and the Wondrous Knowledge of Being Known

Like Lore Wilbert, I appreciate personality tests and have taken the Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder, and the Enneagram tests. And while these assessments are helpful, they all lack a proper view of God as creator. Her perspective on personality tests will help you view these tools in light of our Creator. “I cannot worship at the altar of my personality, but I can look at it honestly and ask the creator God to make and remake me until Christ comes again.” Read her post.

Journeywomen Podcast: Humility with Hannah Anderson

Journeywomen host Hunter Beless interviews author Hannah Anderson about humility—and I love this quote from this podcast episode: “Humility is a right self-concept where you understand who you are as a limited, created person who is a servant to her King. It means embracing the boundaries of our humanity.” Listen to the episode.

A New 30-Day Challenge Is Coming!

Love Revive Our Hearts 30-Day Challenges? Then this is good news for you! We’ve got a brand-new challenge rolling out right after True Woman ’18, and it will help you experience the joy and freedom of walking in the Truth. More details coming soon!

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