Noah, The Gospel, and Hell

“Noah and The Flood: The Gospel in the Old Testament”

Today I want to share several videos with you. If I could, I’d make some homemade caramel popcorn for you to munch on as you watch (my personal movie tradition) . . .

In honor of Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ new radio series today on Noah and the Flood: The Gospel in the Old Testament, one of the videos is on Noah, and most are on the Gospel. First, though, here’s a taste of Nancy’s teaching:

  • The ark saved Noah and his family from judgment. So Christ, our ark, saves us from the judgment of God as we believe Him.
  • The God of the Old Testament has not changed. The only thing that separates the OT from the NT is the cross of Jesus Christ that makes provision for us to be rescued from the wrath of God.
  • When you read about the judgment of God in the Scripture, it’s always paired with salvation. What are you going to be saved from? The judgment of God. And what does the judgment of God do? It promotes the possibility and the promise of salvation.

It’s Movie Time!

Mary Margaret’s Monologue

Do you remember the young girl who told the story of Jonah? Here she is again, this time telling the story of Noah.

Janet Parshall on God’s Love for You
Janet Parshall recounts the good news—God loves you absolutely and completely, and sent His only Son, Jesus, to pay the price of your sin.  

Pastor John Piper on “What Is the Gospel”
Pastor Piper says we often don’t take the Gospel far enough. The Gospel is not just about easing my guilty conscience and forgiving my sins. The ultimate end is God. He is our treasure! As 1 Peter 3:18 puts it, “Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us to God” (emphasis added). 

Watch his video right here.

Francis Chan on Hell
I love Francis Chan’s humble attitude in this video. He teaches me a lot about what my posture should be when telling others about the sobering reality of . . . well, hell. I especially loved his powerful question based on Isaiah 55:8-9:  

“Have you ever even considered the possibility that maybe the Creator’s sense of justice is actually more developed than yours?”


Tim Keller on Preaching the Gospel to Yourself
Finally, here’s some audio (sorry, no video on this one) of an interview Dr. Bryan Chapell did with Pastor Tim Keller. If you click seven minutes into the video, you’ll hear Dr. Chapell ask Pastor Keller how he preaches the Gospel to himself every day. His answer:


“I always pray in the morning, ‘Lord make me happy enough in the grace of Jesus to avoid being proud, cold, scared, and hooked.’”


Hear more right here.

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