My Four Teens Memorized Psalm 119

He was reclining on his bed playing a video game on his iPad. Or so I thought. As I entered his room to say good night, I realized my seventeen-year-old son had his Bible propped open on his knees. He lifted his index finger as if to say, “Just a minute, Mom.”

My only response at that moment was to thank the One who gave us the grace to train up this young man to love the Word of God; not only my son, but my five other children, as well. His two older sisters frequently share with me what God is teaching them through messages from their campus church, or they’ll chat with me about an inspiring podcast they’ve recently listened to. As I write this blog, my daughters, eleven and fourteen, are reading the Word together on our sofa. In my life right now, I can honestly say my children are the ones challenging me in regard to my love for the Word.

Growing up in a Christian home, I often carried my Bible to church, but it was not a part of my daily life, nor did I seek its wisdom when dealing with life’s circumstances. Perhaps you were like me and would randomly open your Bible to a page hoping that God would speak to your need. I did not want this to be the case with my children. I remember praying, “Lord, I want my children to love and desire Your Word.” This is a constant challenge in our busy world, but God has blessed our efforts to train up godly children.

As our children were  entering their teen years, we set aside an evening to celebrate and mark their progress into a new and significant season in their life.  They needed to share their testimony, give an explanation of the gospel, and profess their intent to remain pure until marriage (we provided each one with a ring representing their purity and commitment to God). One other essential component to this special event was that they were required to memorize the first thirteen sections of the 119th Psalm, along with verse 105 which sums up these sections.

This passage is all about having a love for the Word of God. Herein lies the secret to spiritually healthy families and children. I remember sitting with my children and talking about how these were not just words to David. This passage truly expresses his heartfelt desire for intimacy with His Creator. 

And isn’t that what we want for our children? That they would earnestly seek the Lover of their souls, Jesus Christ? It took hard work and dedication, but by the grace of God, our older four have completed their memorization of Psalm 119! I asked them how this was beneficial to them, and here’s what they said:   

  • Holly (14) – “In reading Psalm 119 again recently, I am realizing I have a greater longing for the Word.  Also, verse 73 really ministered to me at a time when I was doubting if I was beautiful and special. ”
  • Austin (17) – “Memorizing Psalm 119 has helped me understand what it means to discipline myself to do something I thought was impossible.”
  • Shawna (19) – “When I’m in the midst of a conflict, this chapter often come to my mind. I can’t say it’s always a conscious thought, but it’s in my heart and mind, and is impacting my life. ”
  • Margo (21) – “Dad and I actually studied what the words meant: law, statutes, ordinances, precepts, etc. I would memorize small sections at a time, write them in my journal, and pray through them as I went. This definitely helped me focus on the words, and make practical application to my life.” 

I praise the Lord for children who are spiritually healthy, and who love God and glorify Him for all He has done.

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Maryann Loveing

Maryann Loveing

Maryann Loveing is described as a God-centered, fun-loving wife by her husband, Ryan, and a joyful, sweet, interactive mother by her six children. Formerly focused on her career and success, and bound with hidden secrets that kept her discontented, Maryann now shares with women the freedom found in seeking and following God.  


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