Mr. Right When You Need Him

The promo copy asks, "Wouldn't it be nice if you knew you always had a man in your life who would not only be there to listen to you, but also agree with your every syllable on command? With Mr. Right When You Need Him . . . You call the shots!"

Mr. Right When You Need Him is a real doll! He's handsome, considerate, and knows just the right thing to say. He comes with eight interchangeable voice balloons that say such sweet nothings as "May I take you shoe shopping?" and "As always, you're right." Three voice balloons are blank so that you can get Mr. Right to say exactly what you want him to say.

The owner's manual instructs single women that they are not alone.

There are 43 million of you single gals out there and all 43 million of you have one thing in common: You're all not satisfied with the man/men in your lives.

Like Betty Boop, this novelty item I picked up in a bookstore last week is obviously intended to be funny. But it illustrates an interesting tension that women are feeling in their relationships these days. Women have bought into the idea that a woman can shape a man into who she wants him to be by calling the shots in the relationship. She will be happy when she finds a man that will do what she wants him to do.

So she initiates, pursues, manipulates, nags, demands, and cajoles her man into being the type of man she thinks she wants him to be. Like the Wild Thing of Proverbs 7, she is loud, sassy, brazen, wily, and manipulative. She tries to control him, but the results are far from satisfactory. She's not satisfied with the man in her life. She just can't seem to make the relationship work.

The owner's manual promises that "Mr. Right When You Need Him" can solve that problem. He will be a woman's consistent supporter in an inconsistent world, her number-one protector, and her first and foremost fan. And that is the desire of a woman's heart, isn't it? To be consistently and faithfully loved, protected, and cherished? The reason so many women are disappointed is that no man on the face of this earth can satisfy the deep desires of their hearts—neither the silly cardboard "Mr. Right When You Need Him" nor a flesh-and-blood man who appears to match the cultural ideal. The more a woman tries to make a man satisfy her deep desires, the more disappointed she will be.

The yearning to be fully loved, protected, and cherished can only be satisfied in a relationship with Jesus Christ. You 43 million single gals out there need to know that Jesus is the answer to the deepest desire of your hearts. No other man can always be there for you—right when you need Him.

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Mary Kassian

Mary Kassian is an award-winning author, an internationally-renowned speaker, and a frequent guest on Revive Our Hearts. She has written more than a dozen books and Bible studies, including Conversation Peace, Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild, and The Right Kind of Strong.

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