Losing a Daughter: “From My Arms to His Arms”

Angie wasn’t pregnant with Audrey for very long before she knew something wasn’t right. The doctor confirmed it: Audrey would die in the womb or live—at the most—a minute or two.

Hear how this sweet family dealt with this tragic loss, how Jesus carried them through it, and how they decided to live life with Audrey.

Angie is sharing her story with Nancy over on Revive Our Hearts today through Wednesday, so if you want to hear more after watching this short video, you can!

Then, come back tomorrow to read a letter Angie wrote to Audrey after her death. (Just a heads up: you’ll want to apply your mascara after reading it.)

Oh, you can listen to the song Angie references in the video—"I Will Carry You"—here.



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