Looking for a Few Brave Men

I’ve never written a blog post targeted to male readers before, but I need help only a man can give. I’m currently gathering research for a book (watch for it Fall 2012) and could use insights coming from the male vantage point.

Ladies, if you would be so kind as to share this post with your husband through email or by providing a cup of coffee while he sits down with you at the computer, I have a few questions to ask. (Ladies, please assure your guy that he has freedom to share honestly without fear of your reaction.)

  1. Since God has hard-wired men with a desire to lead, protect, and provide for their wives, how can we as women best encourage our husbands in that endeavor?
  2. What are some ways a wife can build her husband’s confidence in making decisions?
  3. What are some ways she can make him less confident?
  4. Do you ever struggle with fear of messing up or disappointing your wife? If so, could you share an illustration? (It will take a REAL man to answer this one!)
  5. What kind of words or actions from your wife would put steel in your spine to stand when facing a tough challenge?
  6. Women tell us they want their husband to be the spiritual leader in the home. Can you enlighten us on how Christian men you know respond to that desire? Do they find it daunting? Challenging??? How can wives encourage (or discourage) their husbands in this area?
  7. Our culture seems intent on portraying modern men as adolescents and irresponsible losers. Please share your reaction to this trend.
  8. What are some ways women can cause men to feel less “like a man”? (Please elaborate on this one!)

Men, I just want you to know that we NEED you. We need strong, biblical male leadership today, and the women who read this blog are willing to be your greatest cheerleaders. But we need help getting into your hearts and minds. I don’t know any woman who would say she wants to intimidate her husband and leave him feeling inept and fearful, yet that seems to be a common occurrence. Thank you for being willing to get real with us here–there are a lot of women who are eager to hear what you have to say! 

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