How Is God Calling You to Be Christ's Ambassador?

This post was written by Colleen Nunn.

Editor's Note: Today's post gives you a window into the Revive Our Hearts Ambassador Program—a strategic network of volunteers who are connecting and encouraging like-minded women and leaders in their community to advance the message of revival and biblical womanhood.

The snow and bitter cold began to settle in around us as we gathered together for the first training of the Revive Our Hearts Ambassadors. Several women came from South Carolina, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Texas to enter into a new place, through a new door that the Lord was opening to us. We came with a "Yes, Lord!" in our hearts before we even fully understood the Lord's mission for us.

Yielding Our Cleansed Hearts

Isn't that His way? He is looking for yielded hearts, "wholly inadequate of ourselves," as one ambassador put it.

As we began our training, we settled our hearts through worship and prayer, singing and praising our Lord. The Lord drew near, and He quickly began to draw our hearts toward one another. We were strangers, but we were family, born of the same Father and redeemed by the same Son.

We opened our Bibles to Numbers 8 and observed how the Lord called out the Levites. Their first task was to be cleansed and consecrated to the Lord for His purposes. We read about the importance of how we enter into the Lord's service . . . cleansed by the washing of the Word and by the blood of the Lamb.

Learning from Nehemiah

We looked with intent at the book of Nehemiah and his heart to return to his homeland in order to help in the rebuilding and restoration of what was broken down by the enemy. We camped alongside Nehemiah and learned how he went about the task of calling the workers and rebuilding the wall.

  • He entered into the fray with them.
  • His heart was broken for his community before he set out to repair the broken-down city.
  • He observed the breaches first-hand and knew the state of affairs well.
  • He gathered the people and exhorted them.
  • Their response was, "Let us arise and build."
  • Then they set their hands to do this good work! (Neh. 2:18).

Like the Israelites, we were given the opportunity to learn new skills that would help us with the good work to which we were being called—helping rebuild a vision for revival and biblical womanhood. During our time together, I was convicted for the times when I have retreated from what the Lord might have had for me because of my perceived inadequacies. Yet, I was reminded that those He calls, He will equip!

Casting a Vision for Revival and Womanhood

Revive Our Hearts was first established with a vision for a grassroots movement calling women to personal revival and biblical womanhood. Though it seems it wasn't the Lord's timing before, the staff at ROH is excited because the Lord seems to be leading in this direction. It's as if He is sounding His call to, "Arise and build!"

Women's hearts are being stirred to connect and gather geographically—even around the globe—so that the Lord's Word and His ways might be established and take root in significant Kingdom ways. ROH ambassadors are being called to set up posts in their communities in order to encourage and equip women personally and as influencers in their homes, churches, ministries, and communities.

We seek to stand heart to heart, face to face, and shoulder to shoulder as we ask the Lord to begin rebuilding, restoring, and reconciling lives, homes, communities, states, and nations back to Himself.

Calling All Ambassadors for Christ

The last morning of our training, we were asked to privately meditate on 2 Corinthians 5:20.

"Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making His appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God."

I began to reflect on what the Lord is doing through the ROH Ambassador initiative. We are not unique or special individuals, for God's Word says that all who profess Christ are to be His ambassadors. God is calling us specifically through the ministry vehicle of ROH. We have been tasked with an assignment to reach out and connect with women in our communities as they seek to make Christ known and to follow Him with all of their hearts.

All of us, as followers of Jesus Christ, have been called to think deeply about the Lord through studying His Word, prayer, and fellowship with other believers. As we draw near to Jesus, He brings grace, wisdom, and guidance into our lives. We come to know Him in beautiful and intimate ways. We are changed, and little by little, we begin to look and think differently. This is the essence of being an ambassador—reflecting Christ to those around us.

How will you be an ambassador for Christ to those around you? Do you feel a particular burden for personal revival and biblical womanhood?

Learn more about the Revive Our Hearts Ambassador program here.

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