How Are You Preparing for Easter?

We're in that special season leading up to Easter. Here in the Northeast after a long winter, we feel it deep within: the longing for warmer days and lingering light; the impulse to see new life breaking through hard ground.

As new covenant believers and in accordance with what the apostle Paul writes in Romans 14:5, we're free to treat these days before Easter as either ordinary or as special. But whether or not we've dedicated ourselves to a particular time of prayer and fasting, it is always a good thing to pursue intimacy with the Man we call Savior, Husband, and Lord.

God gave us His Spirit so that we can walk beside Him, speak with Him, listen to His voice, drink the water He offers, and cling to His garments of grace.

I'm a girl whose heart gravitates toward the poetry of Old Testament prophets and the practical instruction of New Testament epistles. And so with the shadows of Good Friday and the light of Easter Sunday on the horizon, I've set aside this particular season to reading through the four Gospel accounts.

Maybe you're like me and the Gospels are not where you regularly settle. Does that describe you? If it does, consider spending these days before Easter reading those inspired narratives.

As we read, we might wonder . . .

  • What would it have been like to walk beside Jesus, to hold His hand, to sit at His feet?
  • What would it have been like to be the five-times-married woman standing at the well, holding a dripping bucket, talking with the One who created the universe?
  • What would it have been like to be the sick, bleeding woman who Jesus saw, healed, and encouraged?

We can know what it's like!

Christ's life and teaching has been recorded and preserved, and God gave us His Spirit so that we can walk beside Him, speak with Him, listen to His voice, drink the water He offers, and cling to His garments of grace.

Yes, settling in the Gospels before Easter can be sweet, reviving the soul.

If the winter's been long and hard, if you've felt trapped in a spiritually dry and weary land where there is no warmth, no life, no vibrancy, open His Word and start reading through one of the Gospel accounts.

In Christ is life, and His life brings light. Read about Him, walk beside Him . . . and be changed.

It's always worth clarifying that there is nothing more holy or inspired about what Jesus said than what every other writer of Holy Scripture wrote. This is not a call to wrongly elevate the Gospels above the rest of God's Word; this is simply an encouragement from my own life right now, for those of you desiring to prepare for Easter in a special way, to open God's Word and read about your Savior's life.

But let me warn you—you might just find yourself falling freshly in love.

Do you view the days leading up to Easter as special? And if you do, how do you prepare?

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Elisha Galotti

Elisha Galotti

Elisha lives in Toronto, Canada, a city she loves and longs to see won for Christ. Her husband, Justin, shares her heart for their city and is thankful that God brought him to be the pastor of West Toronto Baptist Church. Though Elisha spends most of her time mothering her three wonderful and funny little ones, she is a lover of the arts and teaches ballet part-time. 

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