Hope for Justice (Day 5)

Today, we’re continuing in our special ten-day True Hope Challenge! Our prayer is that you’re finding true hope as we walk through the Psalms together. Just now joining us? Don’t miss the rest! You can sign up to get the remaining four devotionals delivered right to your email inbox at ReviveOurHearts.com/true-hope. —Hayley Mullins, True Woman Blog Content Manager

Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God. —Psalm 43:5

Our hope:
I have hope because Christ, the Just King, is my Savior and my God.

If you live on Planet Earth, then on some level, you have been a victim of injustice. You know how vulnerable and helpless it makes you feel. I certainly do. I also know how hard is to find hope when we have been wronged.

In Psalm 43, the psalmist was in exile, suffering injustice from the hands of ungodly men. Still, his prayer points us to True Hope. Let these truths stick to your heart.

  • I can cry out to God; I'm not alone (Ps. 43:1).
  • I can pour out my heart to God (Ps. 43:2).
  • I can cling to the promises of God because my earthly unjust losses lead me to my greatest gain and joy, God Himself (Ps. 43:3-4).
  • I need to remind my troubled soul that my hope is in God, and my rescue and my salvation comes from Him (Ps. 43:5).

The heart that puts its hope in the wrong place produces anxiety and confusion. To find hope in a world of injustice, we need to look up where Christ is, cling to his Word, and remember that everything is a matter of time. The day will come when all injustice will be vindicated and we will live in a City ruled by our Savior, the Just King. Put your hope in that day, put your hope in that King.

Reflect and Respond:

Read Psalm 43.

  • What is your tendency when something unjust happens to you or around you? Do you turn to God for hope, or do you turn to something or someone else?
  • Are you actively speaking truth to your soul when it feels like everything is against you?

Go deeper:

Did you know that Psalm 42 and 43 were originally a single psalm? Read both of them and turn every verse into your personal prayer. Even though you might feel like you are drowning in a sea of injustice and pain, you have a thousand reasons to hope in God. Dig deeper by listening to this radio series, “Dealing with Depression and Doubt,” based on Psalm 42 and 43.

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