Friendships, the Fourth, Fear, and More

Oh the Places You Might Go: Watching the Fourth from Far Away

Earlier this week, you might have gathered together with family and friends to grill hamburgers and go swimming and enjoy massive firework shows; even though Independence Days has passed, it’s not too late to “consider the stewardship that comes with being an earthly citizen of this unique nation.” In this post, Josh Manley, a pastor in the United Arab Emirates, asks, “How should Christians think about holding citizenship in a nation that affords opportunities, liberties, and rights that are the envy of most of the world?” Read this post.

The Codependency Complication

“Is it biblical to have a best friend? At what point does a friendship turn codependent? What can we do about it?” True Woman blogger Kelly Needham answers these questions and more in this episode of the Hole in My Heart podcast. As you listen, scroll down to the show notes, which include Kelly’s signs of an unhealthy friendship.

Fighting Fear When It Comes to Sharing Your Faith

If you’ve tried to share the gospel, you probably know that any number of fears may cause a sort of paralysis in your heart. “One of the lies we believe about evangelism is that we should make peace with our fears,” Gloria Furman writes. “We think we’re chasing happiness when we follow our fearful heart, but fear sabotages our joy every time. Ironically, fear keeps us from enjoying an act of worship that actually grows our zeal for Jesus.” How do we combat fear about sharing our faith? Read this post.

How Do I Make New Friends?

One of the questions Lore Ferguson Wilbert receives the most often is, “How do I make new friends?” When it comes to friendship, Lore writes, “I have a choice: revamp how I view ‘friendship’ and simply be faithful with the people God has put in my life . . . [Or] I can demand a version of ‘friendship’ the Bible doesn’t offer and feel disappointed constantly.” In this post, Lore provides a picture of these two forms of friendship and offers a list of questions to set you on the right track to making friends. Read this post.

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Katie Laitkep

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