Friday Five: 6.19.20

Happy Friday everyone! Katie Laitkep has the week off, so today we’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled link content—which we all love—to point back to some of the best posts from the year to date. 

Enjoy, and share these posts with your friends! 

  1. 20 Benefits of Being in God’s Word according to Psalm 119
    When I open a post from Stacey Salsbery, I know it’s going to be encouraging, challenging, and real. This post is no exception. If you’re feeling dry in your devotions lately, get some needed perspective at the link above. Here’s a “soundbite”: “How many times have I needed advice? Lots. How many times have I needed perspective? Too many to count. God’s Word is the best kind of counselor.”
  2. Ask an Older Woman #1: How to Disciple Long-Distance Grandchildren
    Back in March, Barbara Reaoch kicked off our brand-new Ask an Older Woman weekly series with this helpful post. If you’re a grandmomma (or an adopted “auntie” like I am), Barbara has tips to help you stay in touch with the young ones you care about—and more than that, how to invest in them for eternity. Check it out, and then thumb through our archives to read the variety of Q&A posts from our “Ask an Older Woman” series. 
  3. What Might God Be Doing with the Coronavirus?
    None of us know really, but revivalist Byron Paulus offered some thought provoking questions and suggestions in this post. Find out what false gods he thinks God might be stripping away from us, and consider what He might be doing in your life as an individual.
  4. 5 Reasons for Writing Scripture by Hand
    Need a challenge? Start writing the precious Word of God with a pen and paper. Revive Our Hearts’ managing editor, Laura Elliott, invites you into this practice that seems old-fashioned, but is so needed in our age of digital overwhelm. Slow down from the barrage of news headlines and social media arguments . . . and sit in the presence of God. Let His Word fill your frantic heart. 
  5. Laughing at the Days to Come
    Tessa Thompson is a dear friend, and seeing her new book on looking at the future without fear was such a joy. Tessa has faced many unexpected challenges in her life—having lost her hearing in her teens due to a neurological condition. But joy . . . there’s few people I could point to as embodying that fruit of the Spirit more than Tessa. Get a taste of her wisdom and writing in this post. 

Did you discover God’s Truth today?

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