The Friday Five — 11/01/18

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you probably noticed that our Friday post has gone through a makeover! To celebrate this change, we’re doing our first Friday Five giveaway! Enter at the bottom of this post for an opportunity to win a bundle of 5 books by some of our True Woman bloggers! (More details below.)

Here’s what’s new: Every Friday, check in for 5 meaningful things you can take into your weekend—links to what our friends are writing, new resources you can pick up, and even just joy-filled things we want to share with you. We’ll be changing it up from week to week, so be sure not to miss a post!

Here’s what’s not changing: Katie Laitkep will still be here every Friday, running the show. If you don’t know Katie, hop over to
her blog or follow her on Twitter. She’s a seminary student, hospital teacher, and all around fun person—that loves Jesus with wholehearted passion, even when things are hard. It’s a delight to have her hanging with us once a week . . . trust me: your Fridays are in great hands. —Hayley Mullins, True Woman Blog Manager
  1. Flip your wall calendars to November, and crank up the Christmas music! This week, the temperature in Houston dropped to 57 degrees, and my southern neighbors and I have started pulling out our warmest cardigans and dreaming of winter. The timing could not have been better because Revive Our Hearts just released a 31-day devotional and blog experience for Advent! You might not be quite ready to begin celebrating the Christmas season, but go ahead and request your copy of the devotional today, so that when December 1 arrives, you’ll be ready!
  1. God changed a True Woman blogger’s plans in a radical way this year. Stacy Reaoch had looked forward to this fall when her five year old would be in school. “Imagine the possibilities!” Stacy says. “Uninterrupted writing time, drinking a cup of tea in solitude, a morning for Bible study, freedom to go to the gym without toting anyone along.” But then Stacy found herself considering another option, one that would require her to lay down her rights and trust that following God’s plan would be worth the loss of her perfect ideal.
  1. One reason I love reading Sarah Walton’s writing is because she addresses the hard questions we may be afraid to voice ourselves: “If God is good,” Sarah writes, “why is He allowing so much pain when we are seeking to follow Him? How can we go on in life when these losses leave such a gaping hole within our hearts?” Over the years, Sarah has found comfort in specific truths as she has grieved and struggled through losses experienced in regards to her children. Your loss may look different than yours, but her words in this post will be an encouragement to you.
  1. Have you enjoyed listening to Jimmy and Kelly Needham’s interview on Revive Our Hearts this week? As I was driving to work on Wednesday morning, listening to Kelly pray at the end of the program, I found myself thanking God for her boldness and clarity to communicate the Truth. Throughout this week, Kelly and Jimmy have talked about pornography addiction and the pain of miscarriages, and what it means that Christ is enough when we’re facing situations that feel hopeless. Don't wait any longer to download this series.
  1. What happens when a gay girl experiences a good God? If you heard Jackie Hill Perry’s testimony at True Woman '18, you’ve seen God’s power at work in her life. TW blogger and author Kristen Wetherell recently reviewed Jackie’s book, Gay Girl, Good God, on The Gospel Coalition blog: It caused me to revel in the miraculous––that God awakens the dead and opens blind eyes to the truth that’s in Jesus, that He’s gracious to relentlessly pursue those who’ve rejected Him, and that He does the impossible in saving rebels.” Amen!


Enter to win a bundle of books by some of our True Woman bloggers!:

  • Connected: Curing the Pandemic of Everyone Feeling Alone Together by Erin Davis
  • A Heart Set Free: A Journey to Hope Through the Songs of Lament by Christina Fox
  • Control Girl: Lessons on Surrendering Your Burden of Control from Seven Women in the Bible by Shannon Popkin
  • Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl: On Her Journey from Neediness to Freedom by Paula Hendricks
  • Wilderness Wanderings: Finding Contentment in the Desert Times of Life by Stacy Reaoch

This giveaway closes on 11/08/18 at midnight.

Listings here do not imply endorsement.

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Katie Laitkep

Katie Laitkep is a hospital teacher, a seminary student, and a Lyme patient living in Texas, where God continuously sustains her through Scripture, dry shampoo, and Mexican food. She blogs her journey through medical treatment at with the hope that her words will be a picture of the Lord’s perfect faithfulness in chronic pain; for even in suffering, God is good.

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