The Friday Five: 09/18/20

  1. If you’ve heard Susan Hunt speak at True Woman events or read any of her books, you’ll understand why I want to be like her when I grow up. In her latest post on the Leader Connection blog, Susan shares what it looks like to be a life-giving woman who leaves a legacy of joy. “It’s my turn,” she says, “to tell you how the profound simplicity of the Psalm 92 pattern is giving me ‘weapons of righteousness’ (2 Cor. 6:7) to fight for joy. What follows is certainly not exhaustive. It is simply what this older woman is learning right now.” 
  1. “You know the aching emptiness you feel inside. You wonder if God can even use you because you see this emptiness as crippling or disqualifying.” You wrestle with feelings of loneliness, disappointment, and dissatisfaction, and wonder if God sees you. “But emptiness has never stopped God from His work.” In this episode of the Daily Grace podcast, Nancy Guthrie shares how, when we look at the story of Scripture, we see that God actually does His best work with empty. Listen to this program, and for more on the topic, check out Nancy’s new book!
  2. I stumbled across a tweet from Matt Smethurst that’s been haunting me since I read it. (You’ve been warned: the following words might bring conviction.) He posted, “I’m grateful for podcasts and audiobooks, but man do they make prayerlessness easy.” Ouch. Can you relate? I’ve realized that I often pair my podcast listening with other habits throughout my day when those same tasks could be aligned with prayer. Check out this tip from Val Marie Paper: “Sitting down for breakfast? Pray as you finish your cereal. Washing dishes? Place your [prayer] journal on a cookbook stand so you can see it! Making a morning coffee run? Take your journal and pray as you wait in the drive-thru lane.” Don’t wait—let’s put this into action today.
  1. These last few months have been filled with so many emotions for all of us. To help us process our joys and sorrows, Courtney Reissig, author of Teach Me to Feel, has started sitting down with some friends in a series called “Conservations on the Psalms.” Last week, Courtney spoke with Trillia Newbell—you can still catch their conversation on IGTV. This week, Courtney and Jared Wilson covered depression and Psalm 88 in a twenty-three-minute discussion that’s sure to encourage your heart.
  2. Get ready to grab this link, because this is a letter you’re going to want to text to every teenage girl in your life: “Hey there, friend . . . Your young heart needs deep, durable roots planted in these truths about our immense-yet-personal God,” writes Samantha Nieves. “When you feel less-than, worried, friendless, insignificant, clueless, exhausted, or broken, you can fling yourself on Him whenever, wherever, and His grace will be sufficient. It will be enough. He will be enough . . . Give Him your whole heart. Because He is more than worthy of it. And He can absolutely, undoubtedly handle every single thing you face during your teenage years—and beyond.” 

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Katie Laitkep

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