The Friday Five: 09/04/20

  1. There are a few reasons I’ve kept my Twitter account active over the years, and one of the biggest is Robert Wolgemuth’s morning tweets. His posts appear when the rest of the Internet is still quiet, each tweet a gentle reminder of the goodness of God. They also help me remember to pray for his precious family. On Thursday, Nancy wrote: “Today I turn 62; Revive Our Hearts turns 19; my DH, Robert Wolgemuth, begins chemo. Today I am counseling my heart with the words from [God’s] heart that I have so earnestly proclaimed to others throughout my life. He is (still) enough. Heaven rules.” 
  1. Stressed-Out Mom, if you’re longing for encouragement and peace in these crazy times, check out Motherhood Without All the Rules by (True Woman blogger!) Maggie Combs. “This book has been like a warm conversation with a graceful friend who is speaking gospel truth directly to my wandering and forgetful heart,” says Betsy Gómez. “Mothering by the world's rules will stress and exhaust you, but embracing the truth of the gospel will lift your burden and make you whole in Christ. Open this book and take Maggie's hand as she invites you to make that trade.”

    3 “Fear. Anxiety. Cynicism. Blind optimism. Triggered grief. Guilt over grumbling. These are just a few of the struggles and temptations that a woman faces in pregnancy after loss. Though it’s often regarded as the marker of the end of a difficult season, the struggle is very, very real.” In this episode of the Held podcast, Courtney Reissig talks to Abbey Wedgeworth about “her own experience with multiple miscarriages and tumultuous pregnancies and births.” 
  1. I realize I’m not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but y’all, Caroline Saunders’s new Bible study is super cute—and I think the teen girls in your life will agree! Better Than Life is a nine-week study designed to help middle and high school girls discover how God’s “steadfast love is better than life” (Psalm 63:3). “Only in God’s kingdom does a pink, confetti-covered book become a tool for battle. May this little dancing Bible study lead girls to the Sword, and may they wield it for the glory of God and the good of His Church.” 
  1. With three days until school starts, I’ve discovered my current process of transforming paper lessons into online activities doesn’t require as much focus as it does mindless clicking. During this time, I’ve been grateful for the chance to catch up on some great podcasts, and guess what?! More are coming soon! Be on the lookout for Home Fires with Abigail Dodds and Tilly Dillehay, Sweet Tea with Jasmine Holmes and Portia Collins, and Treasuring Christ with Lara d'Entremont and Brittany Allen—ready, set, subscribe! 

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Katie Laitkep

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