The Friday Five: 08/28/20

  1. On Wednesday morning, after refreshing the weather forecast for the millionth time, I closed all of the pages tracking Hurricane Laura’s path, clicked over to Revive Our Hearts’ website, and couldn’t believe how perfectly the day’s radio program (How the Water Shows Us Our Need) lined up with the arrival of the storm in the Gulf. As news reports show footage of the devastation in Texas and Louisiana, I’m especially grateful for the truth Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth has been sharing in this week’s series. “God has overarching purposes for what seem to be the dead-ends of life—the painful, difficult, perplexing providences,” she says. “At times, He may make you walk through deep waters—the psalms tell us that—but He will bring you through.”
  1. “During these past harrowing months of political strife, racial upheaval, gender clash, and conspiracy speculation, friends and acquaintances online have demanded noise,” writes Melissa Edgington. “To remain quiet, they reason, is to be complicit in the evils around us. Quiet, they claim, is weakness. Being still and speechless is no longer an acceptable option in a culture that values its own noise above all else. . . . So, if you are feeling pressured by demands to speak, step back from the deafening whirlwind of opinions and consider this: God loves a quiet and gentle spirit.”
  1. This post is for you if you’ve ever tried waking up early to spend time in God’s Word, but then put it off when you realized it wasn’t going to look the way you wanted. This post is for you if your job recently changed or you have a new baby or you’re going back to school, because in all of these circumstances, Phylicia Masonheimer says you have a choice: “to let your schedule dictate the depth of your relationship with Christ, or to let Christ dictate your schedule.” In this post, she shares how she’s learned to arrange her life to be reminded of God throughout the day. After all, she says, “God isn’t looking for consecutive minutes spent on Him. He’s looking for hearts that seek Him wholly.”
  1. “As we head into fall, our routines and responsibilities have been disrupted,” writes Jen Pollock Michel. “Families face acute anxieties, especially working parents who might again be managing their children’s education from home. At the mercy of the virus and school-district officials, we’re reminded of how little control we have. As Christians, though, we also hold to real hope: even in trial, God is always up to something good.” Here are four invitations for families to embrace in this uncertain back-to-school season
  1. Who knew that IGTV would become the place to watch live interviews in 2020? Heather Cofer, author of Expectant: Cultivating a Vision for Christ-Centered Pregnancy, has been hosting some of our favorite people (like Erin Davis, Bethany Beal, Kristen Wetherell, and Kristen Clark) on her Instagram channel, and their conversations have delved deep into Christ-centered pregnancy and topics related to marriage, family, community, and more. All of the previous interviews are available to stream now—check those out today, and make plans to watch the next one live!

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Katie Laitkep

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