The Friday Five: 07/31/20

  1. “‘Faith is not faith until it’s tested.’ It’s in the trial that I see, ‘Oh, do I really believe God? Oh, do I really believe He’s sovereign? . . . Oh, do I really believe that all things work together for good?’” Kay Arthur shared these words on yesterday’s Revive Our Hearts program. When I heard it, I thought of the health update Nancy posted about her husband Robert on his CaringBridge website this week: “Needless to say, this was not on our radar or our calendars,” she wrote. “But we know it was on His (Psalm 139:16). Waiting is not easy. But we wait in hope—not hope in a preferred outcome, but in Christ. Our hope is that in this situation, as always, He will be magnified. We are claiming His promise to give strength to His people and to bless His people with peace (Psalm 29:11). We pray the same for you. . . . Heaven rules.” Amen.
  1. As the pandemic has pressed on, I’ve continued my morning walks on the top floor of my apartment’s garage, with an audiobook on full blast. This week, I’ve been listening to Beautifully Distinct, and it is so good that I’m considering beginning it again. The book is edited by Trillia Newbell and contains chapters from a collection of names you’ll recognize: True Woman conference speakers Dannah Gresh, Erin Davis, Kelly Needham, Jen Wilkin, and Jackie Hill Perry, alongside other brilliant women whose biblical writing will encourage you to shape the world around you for Christ. 
  1. Have you heard about Held, the new podcast by Abbey Wedgeworth? She talks with friends about miscarriage and faith. This week’s conversation is with Lauren Washer, who is well-acquainted with grief. Lauren shares about “her grief over her miscarriages, the tragic unsolved murder of her brother, and a difficult diagnosis for one of her children at birth,” and she talks about the “temptation to feel guilt over our grief because it feels like ingratitude, and how to biblically navigate living in this tension between weeping and rejoicing, lament and thanksgiving, gladness and grief.”
  2. It’s 2:40 a.m. As you toss and turn, trying to get comfortable, your mind clicks on like the rooster just crowed. Before you know it, your thoughts are off and running, and you’re exhausted and frustrated and can’t fall back asleep—sound familiar? For Stacy Reaoch, this pattern of sleeplessness has been the thorn in her flesh for years, but through it, she’s found that “hope isn’t in a perfect eight hours of sleep, but in a faithful God whom we can trust to sustain us the next day. He promises to give us strength in our weakness and provide us with His all-sufficient grace.” 
  1. Who knew Instagram would become the place where we finally learn how to memorize Scripture? Earlier this week, Glenna Marshall shared this genius shower method for Scripture memory, and it is a game changer, my friend. I’ve also been using the First Letter technique (which is not the real name—I’m not sure it has a name) that I picked up from Hunter Beless’s stories. If you’ve been putting off the discipline of storing God’s Word in your heart because you’ve believed that you don’t have enough time or that you’re not good at remembering things, try out these methods this weekend! It’s so worth it.

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Katie Laitkep

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