The Friday Five - 07/12/19

  1. Do you ever read find yourself thumbing through book pages with one hand and scrolling down Wikipedia with the other, wanting to know more about an author’s life? I have been loving the True Woman blog’s summer book club, and as I have followed along in Suffering Is Never for Nothing, it’s inspired me to do a deep dive into the life of Elisabeth Elliot. If you’ve been interested in reading more about Elisabeth herself, you’ll want to pick up Devotedly, a book based on letters between Elisabeth and her husband Jim. It’s a story of two people “dying to self in order to bow to the authority of their Father—asking, seeking, knocking, and trusting God and His timing.” Their unusual love for the Lord and each other will encourage you!
  1. Living my best life. It’s a hashtag, a colloquialism, a mantra of our day.” It’s a variation on a popular message spoken at a megachurch just a few miles from my apartment. When it comes to the blatant heresy of prosperity preachers, I’ve been guilty of asking friends, “How do people fall for this nonsense?” But if we’re being honest, do we not believe on some level, “that because our God is good, and because our behavior is pretty good, our lives should be good too? Do we not expect a certain amount of health and wealth ourselves? . . . What does living my best life look like according to Scripture?” Jen Oshman answers
  1. If you’re longing to disciple a younger woman but feel like your life is already too busy, this post is for you. Lara d’Entremont wants you to know that “discipleship doesn’t only take place in quiet rooms with books, Bibles, and coffee—it also takes place in the bustling homes of our fellow brothers and sisters as well.” She says, “Don’t be ashamed that you are busy tending to your first ministries—your family, your home, and your job. This is what God has set in place for you. And if you have that desire in your heart to mentor a younger lady but don’t feel that you have time to do so, invite her into your home.”
  1. Moms, you know that “deciding how to educate your child reveals a lot of options, opinions, and pressures from both inside and outside of your home.” Over at Risen Motherhood, Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler have four podcast episodes on schooling choices, “private, public, and homeschooling, and how the gospel gives us freedom to choose in the context of our own situation, for the glory of God.” As you are seeking God’s wisdom for your own family, check out these interviews with Melissa Kruger on private schooling, with Irene Sun on homeschooling, and with Jen Wilkin on public schooling
  1. Thank you, God, for the fleas.” I’ve been unable to stop thinking about this sentence for the last few days. It’s a line taken from the real life story of Corrie ten Boom in her classic book, The Hiding Place, in which she describes “the flea-ridden bunk she shared with her sister in Ravensbruck, deep in the cold, darkened heart of Nazi Germany.” This is a book worth reading and rereading and remembering. These sisters, starved of freedom, food, and family, were kept alive by a contraband Bible she miraculously kept hidden. “If Scripture sustained these women in the darkest of places, surely it’s our sustenance as we wait for our own darkness to end. In our world full of ideas, may we cherish and ‘gulp’ the life-giving words just as Corrie and Betsie did.”

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Katie Laitkep

Katie Laitkep is a hospital teacher, a seminary student, and a Lyme patient living in Texas, where God continuously sustains her through Scripture, dry shampoo, and Mexican food. She blogs her journey through medical treatment at with the hope that her words will be a picture of the Lord’s perfect faithfulness in chronic pain; for even in suffering, God is good.

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