The Friday Five: 07/03/20

  1. This morning, Grounded is airing its last episode before summer break, and I’m already experiencing withdrawals. What a joy it is to know that the whole library of episodes is available for us to listen to whenever we want! Not sure where to start? Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth was on Wednesday’s program, and wow—you’re going to want to take notes on this one. “There’s always going to be stuff in our lives that makes us crazy unless we ground our mind, our emotions, and our heart in the Word of God,” Nancy says. Her conversation with Erin Davis and Alejandra Slemin will encourage you to sit in Scripture and get filled up with the fullness and the sweetness and the beauty of Christ.
  1. “It’s possible that never in the history of the world have human beings felt more entitled to their own feelings and opinions. . . . We’ve learned to love the sound of our own voice and to love the feel of our personal feelings and to enjoy the thrill of putting ourselves on display on social media,” writes Melissa Edgington. But these are times “to quietly examine ourselves, to carefully consider the Word of God, to refuse to build our thoughts and feelings into cheap idols to bow down to, remembering that God’s thoughts are so much higher. . . . We have to know the truth to live it,” she says.” And we have to live the truth in humility, not for our own glory, but for God’s.”
  1. “A recent survey from Crossway revealed that the number one obstacle to a thriving prayer life is distraction. You and I both know it’s true”—that’s why Asheritah Ciuciu started the Prayers of REST podcast! If you feel distracted or too busy to spend time in prayer, this podcast will guide you in resting in God’s presence: each ten-minute episode has been created to help you find joy in Jesus wherever you are. Check out the introductory episode to learn how it all started, and find out how “this podcast can absolutely transform your prayer life this summer!” 
  1. The words we use with our children have a profound impact on their view of the world around them. But how often do we stop and consider what our choice of words is communicating about the world, God, our kids, and the gospel?” On the Daily Grace podcast this week, Abbey Wedgeworth talks with Stefanie Boyles and Joanna Kimbrel about “being intentional with our words in order to teach our children the truth of the gospel in the everyday moments.” Download this episode, then check out Abbey’s book, Held: 31 Biblical Reflections on God's Comfort and Care in the Sorrow of Miscarriage, which is available for pre-order today! 
  2. As a teacher in quarantine, I’ve felt a little lost without access to my picture books these last few months, so when I came across Arlo and the Great Big Cover-Up earlier this week, I was excited. Moms of little ones, I think you’re going to love the bright colors and cute illustrations and the way that Betsy Childs Howard presents the gospel in language your kiddos will understand. I love the picture of true freedom that Betsy shares in her “Note to Grown-Ups”: “It’s never too early to learn to come out of hiding and into the light, where the blood of Jesus cleanses us and our loving Father welcomes us into his arms!” Amen!

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