The Friday Five: 06/12/2020

  1. As I was praying about this Friday Five post, I told the Lord I was concerned it was going to be the first Friday Four post to be published in True Woman history because I couldn’t figure out just the right link to share in this spot—and then I watched Chizzy Anderson on Grounded with Dannah Gresh and Erin Davis as they discussed fasting. Wow. During the episode, Dannah invited Grounded viewers to join her in praying and fasting today over the brokenness in our country and around the world. “We need to go to the Lord, the only One who can supernaturally bring change.” Are you in?
  1. “I saw it again this morning on social media,” writes Paula Marsteller, “a ‘Christian celebrity’ spinning their divorce announcement as a loving deed inspired by altruistic motivation for their ‘dear friend’ . . . I don’t buy it. Divorce is not altruistic. This loving facade is nothing less than a lie straight from the pit of hell.” On Twitter, Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth shared Paula’s post, calling it “earnest, bold, needed, and (most importantly) biblical wisdom. . . . If marriage is intended to tell the gospel story (and it is), then this is a significant, gospel issue.” 
  1. What is it like to get cancer in the middle of COVID-19? Courtney Reissig says it’s been weird and isolating and scary, but as a Christian, it’s also allowed her to know “God’s indwelling presence in an entirely new and profound way. . . . COVID-19 has no hold on Him. Neither does cancer,” Courtney writes. “There is a sweetness to His presence when no other friend can draw near. There is a healing balm in His word when it’s the only thing that is certain. There is a closeness you know that can only come when everyone else must keep away. It’s a gift, one you wouldn’t think to ask for, but a gift all the same.” 
  1. Pregnant mama, I have a book for you! Whether you are preparing for baby number one (or eight!), Heather Cofer’s book, Expectant: Cultivating a Vision for Christ-Centered Pregnancy will encourage your heart. Heather has learned that, contrary to what the world will say, pregnancy “is not ultimately about the mom or even the baby. It is about Jesus, just as every sphere and season of a life ought to be. Pregnancy, with all its unique challenges and joys, is simply another way to allow the Lord to work in our lives, to draw us closer to Him while also pointing others to His infinite love.” 
  1. Ready, set, subscribe! Let’s Talk, hosted by Jackie Hill Perry, Melissa Kruger, and Jasmine Holmes, is a new podcast for women from The Gospel Coalition—and it launches today! “Over the next nine weeks, Jackie, Jasmine, and Melissa will seek to apply biblical wisdom to everyday life. They’ll talk candidly about fighting sin, overcoming church hurt, making decisions, acting in a godly way on social media, and much more.” If you’re looking for something new to listen to while you’re sitting by the pool this weekend, download the first episode now!

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Katie Laitkep

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