The Friday Five: 05/08/2020

  1. Happy Mother’s Day, friend! It’s a weird year for celebrating, that’s for sure, but even in “normal” times, this holiday can be tricky for Christians: “We want to honor the blessing of motherhood, both as mothers and as children of mothers,” writes Courtney Reissig, “but it also can be an incredibly painful day for many women.” This Sunday, she says that we have an opportunity to honor the women in our churches who are fulfilling not just the cultural mandate, but the Great Commission one as well: “Mother’s Day can be an incredibly isolating day for many women, but never should be in the church. Physical motherhood is great, but spiritual motherhood is for all.” 
  1. One of our favorite podcasts around here is the Journeywomen podcast with Hunter Beless, so it was fun to watch Dannah Gresh and Erin Davis reverse the interview roles and put Hunter in the hot seat during this episode of Grounded! Dannah, Erin, and Hunter talk about what it looks like to welcome your kids into your daily communion with God, to mother with joy, and to memorize Scripture with the help of gummies. You don’t want to miss this one! 
  1. Speaking of amazing mothers, my own mom met me across town earlier this week to give me Jeff and Sarah Walton’s new book, Together Through the Storms! It’s a book about marriage, and while I am neither married nor remotely close to being married, I’ve been so encouraged by these pages, which were intentionally written “as a testimony to the faithfulness, goodness, and sustaining grace of Jesus.” As Robert and Nancy Wolgemuth wrote in their introduction, “If you’re currently in the swirl of a stormy season, this resource may prove to be a life-saver.” If you need “an infusion of hope for the hard times,” read this book! 
  1. When we get hurt by someone we love, it’s tempting to run from that relationship, especially when the “cancel culture” around us says that it’s best to remove all toxicity from our lives. But what does the Bible have to say about healthy boundaries and redemptive relationships? On the Good Enough podcast, Andrea Burke talks with Jasmine Homes about “Toxic People, Forgiveness, and Our Own Hearts.” Listen to the episode, then check out Jasmine’s new book, Mother to Son!
  1. Alexa, play “The Wonder” by Caroline Cobb. Alexa and I have been listening to a lot of Caroline Cobb’s worship music in recent days, so I was excited to see Caroline’s new song chronicling how “motherhood has caused her to cling to the cross and marvel at God’s kindness.” The verses break down “God’s goodness in the gift of children, the beauty of the gospel when our sin is exposed, and the comfort we find in God’s sovereign care. My prayer,” writes Caroline, “is that this song will meet you in your own journey today and point you to the good news of Jesus. . . . So, as Mother's Day approaches, let’s marvel at the gift of motherhood, the goodness of the gospel, and the beauty of God’s sovereign care. Oh, the wonder!” 

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