The Friday Five – 03/01/19

  1. I’m just going to say it: Falling in Love with God’s Word is one of the best radio programs I’ve heard this year. I’ve been so convicted by what Jen Wilkin said about how we can spend all of our time reading books about the Bible instead of reading the Bible itself. Jen says, “God help us if we become content to be curators of other people's opinions about a book that we cannot trouble to read.” Wow. As we kick off this weekend, there’s no better time to download this message and then dig into the Word!
  1. How does she do it? In any stage of life, we can catch ourselves taking a sidelong glance at the woman one life stage beyond us, wondering how she seems to balance it all while we are barely holding it together. Abigail Dodds says that the beauty of God in our lives is that “He takes us—the un-super, regular, sometimes scraping-by women—and He works on us.” Whatever your situation, this post by Abigail Dodds will remind you “that God is in the business of growing you and your capacity: for work, for joy, for others, for Him.”
  1. If there was one day this entire school year that I would describe as horrible, no good, and very bad—to use the words of this fictional friend—it would be Wednesday. By the time I left my classroom, after being cussed out by a teenager and hit in the head by a child, this bit of Instagram-advice became an enticing lie I needed to battle: “Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you.” Maria Baer says, as Christians, “It’s inevitable that we’ll encounter people we find annoying or depressing or weird or even downright mean . . . So what’s our prescription? Do we take the path of the meme? The Bible, as ever, offers a better way.”
  1. News from the Senate this week has been absolutely heartbreaking, as Monday’s vote “failed to muster enough votes to protect the lives of children born alive after an attempted abortion. It should be inconceivable that such an event would happen in a legislative body . . . but it did happen.” On Tuesday’s episode of The Briefing, Dr. Albert Mohler explains the details surrounding the vote that took place and why Christians should consider the ramifications very, very gravely.
  1. Dannah Gresh is in South Africa right now for the Revive Our Hearts Come to the Well conference, but before she left, she recorded a great interview on The Happy Home podcast. Grab your headphones and a pen and press play to hear Dannah discuss the lies girls (and moms!) across the country are buying, how to teach your kids to set healthy tech limits, and what key conversations you need to have with your daughters. And if you haven’t grabbed a copy of Lies Girls Believe, here’s your reminder that Spring Break is coming, and this is the perfect book to take to the beach!

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Katie Laitkep

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