The Friday Five - 02.15.19

  1. Happy (belated!) Valentine’s Day, friend! If we’re being honest, yesterday did not go as planned. Before I even woke up, I could feel a migraine coming on, and by the time I walked into my classroom, I was just not in the mood to hang paper hearts from the ceiling. As I rolled out red tablecloths, I turned on the Revive Our Hearts podcast and let the truth of Romans 12 fill the room—and it completely changed my morning. If you missed yesterday’s episode, listen to it here!
  1. Abigail Dodds says that relatability is often an antidote: “Oh, you yell at your kids, too? What a relief. Let’s have a laugh. So relatable.” “Oh, you’re binge-watching Netflix for the fourth night in a row because you just. can’t. even? Me too. So relatable.” But is relatability always a good thing? Abigail says, “At its best, relatability is a transparent humility that aims to serve others by providing a starting point for relationship. At its worst, it’s a longing for others to relate to our sin in a way that minimizes it. It’s a species of manipulation.” In this post, she shares what happens when being “relatable” does damage.
  1. Hey moms, if you’re baffled by the number of married couples who were able to celebrate date night on Valentine’s Day yesterday, this post by Risen Motherhood co-founders Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler is for you. As they explain, “Sometimes date night—complete with the babysitter and nice dinner—just feels impossible, and our unbroken evening routine leaves us wondering: Must two tired parents go on regular date nights away from the pressures of home life to maintain the joy and intimacy of marriage? Is that the Christian ideal? When considering date night’s role in marriage, here are four things to keep in mind.
  1. One day, when people look back and remember your life, what language will they use to describe it? When I read the title, “Nevertheless, She Persisted in Christ,” I prayed for God to transform our hearts so that these words could be said of us as well. “When your life is bound with your Savior, tethered to Him in the tension of suffering and joy,” writes Jennifer Hesse. “You can walk by faith as strong as my grandma.” In this post, she illustrates how we can age with grace.
  1. For Samantha Nieves, winter means “tax season, ACC basketball, and swooning over falling snow while everyone else complains about the cold. Ah, winter,” she writes. “You’re a mixed bag, that’s for sure—dark and frigid, yet cozy and sparkling.” Whether you’re battling the bitter cold or the constant humidity (Hi to my neighbors in Houston!), you’ll love Samantha’s 5 Friday Favorites post. This list includes a great Netflix recommendation, tips to cultivate intentional rhythms, recipes for sweet treats, and more suggestions that will warm your hands and your heart.

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Katie Laitkep

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