Filled and Frugal: Free Resources to Help You Grow in 2020

It’s a new year—a new decade! Whether you’re cozying in for the deep freeze of winter or dreaming of planting a garden in the spring, here at the True Woman blog, we also hope that your plans for the next few months include considering how you’re going to deepen your study of God’s Word and grow as a Christian in 2020. 

We’ve all heard it one hundred times if we’ve heard it once: we are living in an age of nearly unlimited resources on any topic, available at the tap of a screen. The Christian publishing industry is no exception. Though I appreciate and use many of the great products they sell, I also understand the struggle of feeling like spending five dollars on a new pack of pens or highlighters for Bible study is a splurge. And let’s face it: concordances, lexicons, commentaries, and amazing products like Logos are fabulous resources, but many come with a hefty price-tag. 

Perhaps you’re where I was not too long ago: living in the “lean years,” when your Walmart run is budgeted to the dollar and paying for another subscription service is not an option. Or maybe you simply want to grow in your knowledge and study of the Word in 2020 without breaking the bank. Over the years, I’ve used a variety of completely free resources that are available to anyone with Internet access. A few of my favorites are found in the list below. 

Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible is a great site that is largely dedicated to providing free resources for studying the Bible such as concordances, commentaries, a harmony of the Gospels, Bible encyclopedias and dictionaries, maps and charts, as well as Greek and Hebrew grammar resources. As an example, you can select a Bible version, type any word into their search bar, and be led to each occurrence of the word in an interlinear format (shown in its original language), along with the transliteration of the verse, and tabs that lead you to other connected resources. Also included on their site are popular devotionals such as Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening and a number of Bible reading plans. 

Bible Study Tools

Similar to Blue Letter Bible, Bible Study Tools is a site dedicated to resourcing Christians to “Grow Deeper in the Word.” It includes many of the same types of resources as Blue Letter Bible in a more eye-pleasing, intuitive format. Some of my favorite resources to use at are Nave’s Topical Bible, Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, and their Greek and Hebrew lexicons.


A sister site to Blue Letter Bible, could be described as an online version of your Grandma’s (or your own) marked-up Bible. For those interested in inductive study techniques, this resource is a must. It allows users to format, color, highlight, underline, and even draw freehand on the text of his or her preferred version, and to save it for future use. Described as a “digital markup” platform, ScriptureMark features a nice looking mobile app as well. 

Resources from The Village Church

The Village Church of Flower Mound, Texas, has made available a huge variety of resources from their church for the Church. At, you can access curriculum, study guides, podcasts, music, as well as audio of actual classes taught at their church location. My personal favorite? The Knowing Faith podcast, where Jen Wilkin, J.T. English, and Kyle Worley alternate between exposition of a book of the Bible (they’re currently in the book of Acts) and discussing theology, doctrine, or other issues facing the Church today. And speaking of Jen Wilkin, you can find many of Jen’s standalone resources available at her website,

Lectures from Reformed Theological Seminary

Reformed Theological Seminary has made lectures from their seminary classes available in video or audio format for free. You can search them by date, speaker, series, Scripture reference, or topic. Think you can’t get seminary-quality teaching at home? Think again!

Chapel Library

A ministry of Mount Zion Bible Church, I have to believe that Chapel Library is one of the most under-utilized free resources on this list. Their website notes that “Chapel Library publishes more than 850 Christ-centered titles, mostly by authors from prior centuries whose writings have stood the test of time. Authors include the Puritans, Spurgeon (Baptist), Bonar (Presbyterian), Ryle (Anglican), Pink, Bunyan, Edwards, and many others.” Most are available in PDF form, and households may order up to fifteen items per month in print form, which the ministry provides and ships at no cost to the consumer. They accept donations, but no funds are solicited for the materials. My “Girls Night” study group used copies of Jeremiah Burroughs’s The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment for a series last summer. Amazing resources, totally free!

How about you? Are there free resources on the web that you think the Revive Our Hearts community should know about? We would love to hear some of your favorites!

Happy studying!

Note: The resources selected here are my personal recommendations and do not imply endorsement of all content on each site or of Revive Our Hearts. Special thanks to my dear friend Cindy Matson for helping to curate this list. If you’re interested in one more great resource, Cindy is a dedicated Bible student and teacher and writes at

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