Eve's Influence and a Call to All Women

I wonder if the first taste of sin was sweet to Eve. Perhaps her heart was racing as she approached the tree, knowing she was grasping for the forbidden. With the fresh taste of fruit in her mouth, she handed some to her husband, and he ate.

As a woman, my heart is drawn to the role Eve played in the fall. The serpent approached her first. She seemed to have had some measure of influence over the man who was created to lead her. Adam was with her, yet she gave the fruit to him (Gen. 3:6). I’m assuming she did this without carefully weighing the consequences. Just like that, her designed role as helper quickly disintegrated into a world of hurt.

I wonder how long it was before she realized the temporary sweetness of sin and the feeling of empowered rebellion weren’t worth it.

Eve isn’t the only woman in the Bible who influenced others to sin. The Israelites, Solomon, and the son in Proverbs were all warned about getting involved with women who would lead their hearts away from worshipping the one true God. My heart is pricked by these examples. They demonstrate that I, as a woman, can have a certain amount of sway over those around me. The question is: How will I use the influence the Lord has given me?

Will I be a woman who uses my influence for the good of God’s glory or the harm of selfish ambition (Prov. 31:12)?

The could-haves of Eve’s example are stark reminders to me:

  • She could have refused to take the fruit, even though the passive man in her life wasn’t leading.
  • She could have treasured the Word of her God and fiercely guarded anything that would mar her fellowship with Him.
  • She could have resisted the temporary sweetness of sin and embraced the pleasures that endure forevermore (Ps. 16:11).
  • She could have answered the serpent, “Yes! God did really say!”

And, so could I.

I am not unlike my mother, Eve. I don’t go a day, sometimes even an hour, without hearing the faint whisper of the serpent in my ear, “Did God actually say?” I’m tempted to walk by my feelings and dub myself the new queen of authority on a regular basis, without thinking about the long-term impact. As a single, I don’t have a husband to influence for evil, but when I’m lonely, I’m tempted to entice others around me to gossip. When I’m tired of my singleness, I’m tempted to get attention in all the wrong places. When I doubt God, I look for others who will commiserate with me.

But I want to be a woman who really strives to live out what God has said in everyday life, despite my feelings.  

Going to God’s Word and considering His parameters for my influence won’t make me oppressed, a wimp, or a doormat—even if I’m tempted to think that way. Though I may be frightened by what obedience to the Lord might mean (more years of singleness or a life of seeming insignificance), I’m called to trust that knowing and glorifying God is worth the cost (1 Pet. 3:6).

In fact, the greatest use of my influence as a Christian woman will most likely come by first answering the call of my Lord, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” (Luke 9:23). Ultimately, the path that our Savior took to the cross is where we’ll find the glory, fulfillment, and lasting influence we long to have. On our own, the fruit of our influence would be just as bitter as Eve’s. But, Jesus, taking our place, faced the enemy in another garden, obeyed His Father, and became a curse for us (Gal. 3:13)—the very curse that began with the disobedience of that first couple. It’s only through continually trusting in the God-man, Jesus, that our hearts will be changed, our womanhood will be redeemed, and our influence will be transformed. Together, let’s live lives that will exclaim, “Yes, my God really did say!”

Whether you believe it or not, you are influencing others. How do you see this playing out in your life? And do you take the time to consider how God’s Word should direct your influence as a woman?

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Lindsay Swartz

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