Eric or Erica?

I hate to confess to the world what I wanted to do to my younger brother, but, well—forgive me, Eric—it’s really applicable to today’s post!

When I was four years old, I found out my mom was bringing home a new baby from the hospital. I begged for a girl! The “blue blankey” he  arrived home in was a dead give-away--another boy. By the time he was two, I had devised a plan. Why not dress him in some of my old dresses, complete with a purse? We could let his hair grow long; no one would ever know the difference. We could call him . . . Erica! My mom, however, didn't buy it.

We live in a culture struggling with gender issues: gender confusion, the lack of acknowledging or appreciating differences between male and female, unisex movements, assaults on masculinity because of a perceived “patriarchal hierarchy.” In all the noise, confusion, and gender rhetoric, perhaps you've forgotten that it is a beautiful thing to be created “female.”

If we can agree that . . .  

1. God is our Creator
2. God is good
3. God has a purpose in the way He designed us
4. God's design is best

. . . then we have a good foundation to begin our study on point #5 of the True Woman Manifesto.

For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother's womb. I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, and my soul knows it well (Psalm 139:13-14).

As we focus on embracing our unique design and calling as women this month, let's begin by asking God to reveal why and how we should do this.

Did you discover God’s Truth today?

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Kimberly Wagner

Kimberly Wagner’s passion is Christ, and she desires to ignite women's pursuit of God's glory. She's the author of Fierce Women, and is a frequent guest on the Revive Our Hearts radio program, as well as a regular contributor to the True Woman blog. She enjoys sharing with women and hearing from them about what God is doing in their lives.

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