On Binging, Peer Contagion, and Your Identity in Christ

The Lord's 9/11

Tuesday marked the anniversary of the September 11 tragedy, and in the seventeen years since, terror hasn’t gone away. Anxiety is at record levels, and it seems like there’s something new to fear every single day. Jared C. Wilson writes, “Lots of things have changed since 9/11. But at least one thing hasn’t. The Lord reigns.” Read this post.

Jackie Hill Perry: What Does It Mean to Find Your Identity in Christ?

“It’s a phrase we share over coffee, in a text, or at the park, Find your identity in Christ! But do we really know what it means?” In this episode of the Risen Motherhood podcast, Jackie Hill Perry shares practical answers to the difficult topic of what it looks like to find your identity in Jesus. “Whether you listen to this one while cleaning the dishes or driving to the office, know that God created us as His image bearers, which means every aspect of our lives is lived for His glory.” Listen to this episode.

How to Break the Cycle of TV Binging

During her fourth movie of a summer Hallmark binge, Dawn Wilson was prompted by the Holy Spirit, reminded that she was made for so much more. “There’s a time and place to relax with a clean program, but my time issue was way out of hand—almost idolatrous,” she writes. “My priorities were clearly out of whack.” Does this sound familiar? We all need times of rest and relaxation, but Dawn warns us that we need to be cautious about escapism. Read this post.

What Does It Mean to Be Good?

Be good! How many times have you said those two words before leaving your kids in the care of another? In this post, Jen Wilkin discusses what it means for God to be good to His children: “As those who are the recipients of the good and perfect gifts of God, goodness toward others means generosity. It means we recognize that God gives us good things not so that they might terminate on us, but so that we might steward them on behalf of others.” Read this post.

The FAQs: What Parents Should Know About Peer Contagion

Have you ever heard of the phrase “peer contagion”? Joe Carter explains: “Peer contagion is a form of social contagion—the thesis that attitudes, beliefs, and behavior can spread through populations as if they were somehow infectious.” Bullying, depression, drug use, bisexuality, suicide, and transgenderism can all spread in this way. To learn why peer contagion is more of a problem now than in previous generations, read this post.

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Katie Laitkep

Katie Laitkep

Katie Laitkep is a hospital teacher, a seminary student, and a Lyme patient living in Texas, where God continuously sustains her through Scripture, dry shampoo, and Mexican food. She blogs her journey through medical treatment at www.apatientprocess.com with the hope that her words will be a picture of the Lord’s perfect faithfulness in chronic pain; for even in suffering, God is good.

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