Ask an Older Woman!

Happy Friday, True Woman readers! 

Katie Laitkep, our Friday Five editor, is out today, so I’m taking over to gather your burning questions. 

Have you ever sat down with a wise woman over a cup of coffee and asked for her thoughts on what you’re wrestling with? If you never have, I highly recommend it! 

We’d like to give you an opportunity to do that via the Internet. 

So . . . what would you ask an older (or just wiser) woman? 

Answer that question below, and you’ll be entered to win* one of the most wisdom-packed books I read in 2019, All That’s Good: Recovering the Lost Art of Discernment by Hannah Anderson.

Your question might be responded to in a future True Woman post!

*Note: Giveaway is only available for respondents in the United States. But we’d still love to hear from our international readers!

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Hayley Mullins

Hayley Mullins

Hayley Mullins is the managing editor at Revive Our Hearts. She is passionate about encouraging grace-filled, honest community in the Church. When she’s not writing, you can find Hayley chasing adventures in libraries, on hiking trails, and through deep conversations.