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A Woman of Whom the World Was Not Worthy: Helen Roseveare (1925–2016)

For many of you, the name Dr. Helen Roseveare is a familiar one. Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth has described Helen as one of her spiritual heroines: “Whenever I need to be reminded of what it means to live a fully surrendered, consecrated life, I go back and reread her compelling story.” On December 7, 2016, at the age of 91, Dr. Roseveare “went to be with her Lord, from whom she counted it a privilege to suffer.” Read this overview of her life.

Nancy previously recommended books by Helen Roseveare on this list of resources which will help you love the Lord with more of your heart. If you’re interested in listening to past Revive Our Hearts programs in which Helen Roseveare was referenced, check out A Debt of Thanksgiving, Heart Scan, Beauty That Lasts, A Foundation of Holiness, Reasonable Service, and Twenty-Five Cents at a Time.

What I’ve Learned from Being Isolated and Allergic to Everything

For the last three years, Johanna Watkins has lived with a diagnosis that makes her daily life “so abnormal that it borders the realm of science fiction.” She has “hundreds of severe allergies to just about everything,” which means she cannot even share a room with her husband. “Unable to live with the people I love, the loss has been profound,” she writes. “If it weren’t for God, I’d have given up long ago. But while I’ve been broken and empty, God has been faithful and strong . . . Never have I been alone.” Read this post.

People Are Judging You Silently: How Advertising Targets Our Insecurities

Tony Reinke says, “The most effective advertisements tap into our deepest insecurities.” As he traces the history of the marketing model born in the 1920s, he points out the different fears that ads have used to motivate people to buy their products. As funny as it is to see the old campaign slogans, Tony’s “point is to expose some of the buttons that marketing experts know to press, to uncover certain insecurities that never fail to tap into our deepest longings.” Read this post.

Yes, Go to Church on Christmas Day

With Christmas falling on a Sunday this year, many families will worship in their living rooms rather than church pews. As we plan for the holiday weekend, Kaylee Freeman wants us to consider this point: “Though gift-giving is special and can be done in a godly way, why would we want to miss this glorious time with our church family feasting on the joy of heaven in order to simply open earthly treasures? Instead, we should bring our family members along with us to hear of the best and most precious gift ever given—Jesus, the very son of God Almighty.” Read this post.

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