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California Lawmaker Drops Part of Bill Targeting Christian Colleges

Praise God! We have good news about California’s SB 1146 bill, which we mentioned in the "Articles" post last week. The lawmaker has since announced amendments to the bill; specifically, it will “no longer allow students to sue schools that violate the state’s anti-discrimination statutes;” with this new wording, students will be allowed to use Cal-Grant scholarships. While we need to continue praying for religious liberty in the country, we can praise God for how He has provided! Read this post.

Watch for God at the Olympic Games

A challenge for those of us soaking up Olympic coverage from the comfort of our couches: “Every time you turn the television set on, I want you to hear God talking to you through the Games . . . I urge you as you watch to transpose what you see from Games into ultimate reality.” Read the post.

Want to learn what this looks like practically? This article gives some additional ways to "Watch the 2016 Olympics for the Glory of Christ."

“In total, from August 5 to August 21, more than 10,500 athletes from 206 countries will compete in 306 events in 42 sports for 2,488 Olympic medals.” Here are "6 Christian Athletes to Watch at Rio 2016," who “represent not only their country but also their Savior, seeking to integrate their faith and their work.”

Happy Back-to-School Eve!

This week many of us were forced to turn off the Olympics early in the evening, set our alarms for the first time all summer, and return to dusty school buildings to make way for kids to come. While this post was written for moms, its wisdom will speak to fellow teachers, students of all ages, and those of us who will never be able to shake that “back to school” feeling. This is one you’ll want to read while you’re standing in line to buy school supplies—and one you'll want to save for the whole semester. Read this post.

John Piper’s Funeral Prayer for a Family of Five

Last Sunday morning, a family of five entered heaven together. John Piper was asked to deliver the pastoral prayer at their funeral, and this post provides the transcript. In the midst of utterly horrific events, may we join Pastor John in looking to Jesus as the only hope we have: “For there is nothing in the world more bright, more blazing, more terrible, more beautiful, more bloody, more hopeful, than the revelation of [God’s] heart in the death and triumph of [His] Son, Jesus.” Read this post.

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