Allow God to Purify Your Heart: Surviving—And Thriving—In An Economic Crisis

Nancy’s fifth principle in “Hope for Uncertain Times: Surviving—And Thriving—In An Economic Crisis” is:

Allow God to purify your heart.

Lean times can be a means of God’s chastening—both personally and corporately. Ask God what He is trying to say through these circumstances; let Him search your heart, and then respond in humility and obedience. (Psalm 139:23-24)  

Is there any sin you need to confess—e.g., living beyond your means, fear, greed, temporal values, bitterness, withholding your tithe from the Lord, lack of compassion for others in need?

Greed is a big one for me. On Sunday night, I was hanging out with three girlfriends. One of them brought a bag full of hand-me-down clothes and shoes. My natural instinct was to rip through that bag and claim the very best for myself. I had to mentally tether myself to the couch and say to God, “I will let them choose whatever they want, and I’ll take the leftovers.”

Amazingly, I think God honored that. I drove home that night with everything but one pair of adorable red shoes. I know this is something I’ll have to continue to make conscious efforts to surrender to the Lord. 

How about you? How might the Lord be purifying your heart during this time? We’d love to hear your story!

PS: You can get all ten principles when you order copies of the “Hope for Uncertain Times” brochure, or download the PDF. Or, just stay tuned to the blog for the next several days!

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