A Soccer Mom's Thoughts: Growing in Grace like a Preschooler, Not Like David Beckham

If you could have seen my proud, smiling face as I watched my three-year-old son play, you would have thought he was a soccer prodigy, a superstar, perhaps the next David Beckham. It was the night of my son’s second game and I, standing there on the sidelines, barely concealed my delight in this jersey-clad boy of mine.

When his coach yelled "Switch!" and he ran to the sidelines, I hugged my son close. "Amazing, buddy. You are doing so well. Keep it up! I am so proud of you, Josh."

He hadn't scored a goal or made an assist. Actually, I don’t think he ever came near the ball. But he'd stayed on the field, listened to instructions, and ran around in somewhat close proximity to the other players. In contrast, the week prior he had wandered aimlessly around the field continually pulling his jersey up over his head and sitting down on the grass, pouting.

As I proudly watched my little guy play that second game, I found myself considering how the Christian life is kind of like a three-year-old learning how to play soccer.

It’s not just that we too get jostled, knocked down, distracted, and discouraged. It’s that even though we’re so very far from perfect, our lives in Christ really do have a trajectory of growth. God really is slowly changing us, growing us, from one week (or season or year) to the next.

As we examine our lives, we should ask not whether we have arrived, but rather if we are moving forward, pressing on, with hearts oriented toward our Savior.

As I stood watching my son play, I delighted in the fact that he was growing and changing. I was encouraged not because of any evidence of actual skill, but because of the progress. The Christian life is similar. As we examine our lives, we should ask not whether we have arrived, but rather if we are moving forward, pressing on, with hearts oriented toward our Savior.

The ever-present battle with sin brings us low, but our Father, through Christ, lifts us back up. Day by day, Christ is remaking us, and there is certainty of growth. 

We’re a fumbling, awkward bunch. Like a three year old’s soccer game, the process of becoming more like Christ could rarely be described as goal after effortless goal or victory after smooth victory. Growth may be a slow, painstaking process, but it is certain. We will be transformed.

Sometimes we see our sin and failure and ask the wrong questions: Why aren’t I closer to the mark? Why can’t it be easier? Instead, we should ask if there is growth. Are there evidences of grace? Am I moving forward? Am I surrendering? Am I being transformed?

In Christ, we have every reason to get back up and persevere after we stumble in sin, for at the sidelines stand not only a crowd of cheering onlookers, but the Father Himself.

Clumsy, ashamed by our sin, we glance His way, longing for approval. The depth of His grace overwhelms, for in our childlike glance, we see the face of a gentle, loving Father who delights in His children. 

He will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.” (Zeph. 3:17)

How about it? Are there evidences of grace in your life? Are you moving forward? Are you surrendering? Are you being transformed? If so, be encouraged!

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Elisha Galotti

Elisha Galotti

Elisha lives in Toronto, Canada, a city she loves and longs to see won for Christ. Her husband, Justin, shares her heart for their city and is thankful that God brought him to be the pastor of West Toronto Baptist Church. Though Elisha spends most of her time mothering her three wonderful and funny little ones, she is a lover of the arts and teaches ballet part-time. 

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