A Peek Into This Word Nerd's 2014 Calendar

This morning I sat down with my new 2014 Revive Our Hearts Calendar, "The Wonder of His Name."

Some women will love this calendar for its elegant calligraphy by renowned artist Timothy Botts.

Others will be stirred by the twelve names of Jesus featured in thought-provoking quotes by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

Me, it's the big squares and the paper texture. I've always been a word nerd (as a young girl, you'd find me salivating in the paper aisle while my mom shopped at Walmart for groceries), and there's plenty of room for words on this wonderfully large calendar.

In fact, I just spent a few minutes penciling in important dates I'm aware of in 2014:

  • Quarterly retreats w/God (because if I don't make time for the most important, the urgent will always crowd it out)
  • A trip to Arkansas for an interview with FamilyLife Today about Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl (where I anticipate Bob Lepine will make me cry)
  • Four speaking engagements so far (including a weekend in sunny Florida!)
  • The True Woman '14 Conference in Indianapolis October 9–11 (still my favorite women's conference, hands-down)
  • Days the office will be closed (who doesn't enjoy a day off?)
  • Family members' birthdays (we still try to get together to celebrate).

What do you need to be purposeful about blocking off on your 2014 calendar? Dates with your hubby? Time enjoying God's presence? Discipling moments with the girl from church? A project you've been putting off for months now?

I'd love to hear about it. Leave a comment below either letting us know about a significant date in your life or about something you hope to schedule in 2014. Do this by Wednesday, December 11, for a chance to win one of five copies of this brand-new 2014 calendar.

Oh, and something else you might want to put on your calendar is Nancy Leigh DeMoss' new Lent 2014 series, "The Wonder of His Name." Explore forty of Jesus' 350 names from March 5 to April 17.

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