A Conversation with Dannah Gresh

Guess what? Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Dannah Gresh’s book Lies Young Women Believe just rose to #261 on Amazon’s bestseller list, after their interview on Focus on the Family this week. 

That might not excite you, but this should: The Enemy’s lies are being exposed, and young women are being equipped to renew their minds with God’s Truth! 

In light of this, I thought I’d share a short interview with Dannah. Tomorrow, come back to the blog to take the “Blazing Lies Quiz” and mediate on the “Truths That Set You Free!” directly from the book. 

Dannah, what caused you to write Lies Young Women Believe?
First, the invitation from Nancy was an answer from the Lord. I’d been feeling like I was taking the reins in my ministry when only God should hold them. I prayed, “Lord, can you show me the next step in how I should minister to young women?” That next week, I received an inquiry to partner with Nancy to write Lies Young Women Believe. What an honor and a reminder that when we ask, “Lord, what do You want me to do?” . . . He answers!

Second, the message resonated so strongly in my heart. The young women I’m in the trenches with weekly are suffering deeply the consequences of believing lies. From depression and self-loathing to pride and uncontrollable sin, they desperately need the Truth in order to be set free.

What top three lies do young women believe today? Are they different than the lies older women believe?
I would say that their greatest strongholds lie in the areas of guy/girl relationships, image, and authority and submission. The funny thing is that these lies are very similar to what older women believe. What we allow to grow in our lives can be difficult to overcome.

What do you wish you’d known or done differently as a young woman? Which principle in this book has made the biggest difference in your own life?
The lies about submission and authority as well as the role of women really wreaked havoc in my marriage. I never imagined that what seemed like normal teenage rebellion and acceptable feminine independence would break my husband’s spirit in the first few years of marriage. It took me years to learn how to honor and respect him. In fact, I’m still learning. I didn’t know that submission provided safety for me, and that it’s a beautiful thing to be a wife who loves and supports her man.
As you wrote this book, did you identify any lies that you still believed?
Old lies surfaced. Revisiting these lies for teen girls opened the door for Satan to whisper tauntingly to me once again. He didn’t stand a chance because I’d learned the process of rejecting a lie and standing in Truth. It was so affirming to shut the door on those lies again . . . this time more quickly and with great victory!

If this interview has piqued your interest, you'll definitely want to check out the Focus on the Family interview as well as www.LiesYoungWomenBelieve.com.

Did you discover God’s Truth today?

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