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Conversation 201

Conversation is often an easy, pleasurable experience—with those you connect with—but when conversation doesn’t come naturally, are you prepared to work at it? …

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Conversation 101

Your floors can be sparkling, the windows shining, the aromas wafting, but if you don’t know how to connect with your guest . . . well, it’s a flop! …

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He Never Helps Out!

Two errors wives can believe about home making: One, we expect our husband to be our helper, and two, we resent our husband when he doesn’t help us at all. …

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More than a Ball of Yarn

What I saw stopped me dead in my tracks. The aisle had been transformed. From top to bottom, beginning to end, it was stocked full of colorful balls of yarn. …

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Truly Devoted?

Perhaps "domesticity" sounds to you like a dreary home economics term from the ‘50s. Sorry, that perspective is entirely too narrow. …

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