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If your finery were taken away, and the hidden, inner parts of your heart exposed, would you look more or less beautiful? How much beauty is in your heart? …

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Soft Spot

The “softness” of woman thus also became our “soft spot”—the point at which sin affects and impacts us the most. …

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I am Woman

We moved marriage, mothering, and homemaking from the top of our lists to the bottom–or crossed them off altogether. …

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Until we present our young women with a new and beautiful vision of womanhood–a biblical vision–they will continue to pursue the modern sexualized ideal. …

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Steel Magnolia

There’s one Southern phrase that I’m quite drawn to: “Steel Magnolia.” I love the phrase, because to me it speaks to the essence of womanhood. …

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Eric or Erica?

Why not dress him in some of my old dresses, complete with a purse? We could let his hair grow long; no one would ever know the difference. . . …

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