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The Greatest Surrender Ever

On this most bitter of nights, we watch Christ struggle . . . Three times He lifts the same request, “My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me." His agony is evident . . . …


Lovin' Your Neighbor

Jesus’ answer just raised more questions for me. Why did He include the second commandment when the man just asked for the greatest commandment? …


Love Is a Choice

At my son’s wedding, I found myself reminding him of the words my mother spoke to me at my wedding, and many times since:  “Always remember that love is a choice.” …


Forgiven Much

When Simon the Pharisee invited Jesus to a dinner party at his house. Jesus came, but from the moment he stepped in the door, it was obvious how “welcome” he really was . . . …


Maria's Surrender: Part 1

"I'd been involved in some capacity of 'formal' ministry since 1980. And then, it all stopped. At first I was excited to see what was 'next.' . . . Then, nothing . . ." …


Connecting the Dots

My husband, a pastor, eventually reached a crisis of faith brought on by his inability to reconcile the question of God’s power to transform. …