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Dec 25, 2002 ... Leslie Basham: There are a lot of stories about Christmas, but today we'll hear the one true Christmas story. Girl: "The Holy Spirit will come .

The First Songs of Christmas | Programs

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Dec 3, 2018 ... Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth: Christians love to sing, and I love it that the Bible gives us something to sing about. Have you noticed that some of ...

Christmas Joy | Programs

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Dec 4, 2018 ... Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth: She was expecting a child in her old age. That was amazing enough. But when Elizabeth first saw her young, ...

Christmas Visit | Programs

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Dec 13, 2018 ... Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth: He was unable to speak for most of a year. He was old enough to be a grandfather, but in fact he was a new, ...

Focusing on Jesus this Christmas | Programs

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Nov 26, 2013 ... Leslie Basham: Even before Thanksgiving, doesn't it feel like the rush toward Christmas is upon us? How do you focus on what really matters ...

The Real Christmas Story | Programs

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Dec 25, 2013 ... Leslie Basham: On this Christmas Day, I hope you'll take some time to remember what the holiday is all about. Max McLean: “And the angel ...

A Christmas Psalm | Programs

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Dec 21, 2017 ... Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth: A Revive Our Hearts podcast listener wrote to tell us she had been binge listening to the series on Titus 2 called ...

How to Quiet Your Heart at Christmas | Programs

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Nov 24, 2014 ... Leslie Basham: Author and speaker Dannah Gresh has always loved marking Christmas traditions with her family. For instance, they all loved ...

What Happened on the First Christmas? | Programs

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Dec 18, 2017 ... Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth: Think with me about some of the many amazing things that happened on that very first Christmas: The God who ...

Worship As a Christmas Tradition | Programs

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Dec 2, 2004 ... Leslie Basham: You have the chance to be part of a really unique radio experience. It's a special series on Revive Our Hearts starting January ...