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Women's Ministry Leader Essentials


Ministry Foundations

A house needs a firm foundation. A women's ministry does, too. These resources will help you build just such a foundation.

Biblical Womanhood

There are a lot of questions and opinions revolving around the issue of womanhood and gender today. Thankfully, God’s Word offers clear directives on what womanhood is and how you can live out this calling to God’s glory.

Growing as a Leader

A vibrant, growing leader is the key to helping a group learn and grow together. Discover how you can continue to become the leader God has called you to be.



Leading Small Groups

Leading a small group can have its challenges. Learn from those who have gone before in these articles.


Bible Study Principles

God's Word is the basis for teaching and leading women. Learn how to systematically study the Bible and mine precious gems to share with them.


God wants to use you to encourage and challenge the next generation. Allow these resources to encourage and help prepare you to leave a legacy of godliness that may impact generations yet to come.



Small Group Studies

Looking for a study for your small group? Each of these resources is perfect for groups of various sizes, helping them to dive into God’s Word and study how to live as godly women in today’s culture.





Counseling with the Gospel

The truth of the gospel isn’t just a one-time need in order to get saved. We constantly need to renew our minds with the gospel in order to grow in Christ through genuine heart change. Use these tools from Elyse to learn how to use the gospel to address the various counseling needs around you.



Our society has many opinions and options for sexuality. Thankfully, God’s Word is clear on matters of sexuality, manhood, and womanhood. We hope these resources will be helpful as you explore what His wise design means for your life and the world around you.




Idols of the Heart

Many of us know what it’s like to battle bad habits or sinful patterns. We think that if we try harder, success is bound to come. But, the Bible points out that our need goes much deeper than just behavior modification. What we need is a transformed heart. We can only begin to see real, lasting victory over sin when we start digging down to the root.




Marriage is likely more work than you anticipated—in fact; it’s downright hard some of the time. We want to help you be obedient to God’s design for marriage, and to enjoy your husband in the process.


You long to leave a godly legacy for your children, but the washed laundry, the bandaged knee, and the prepared meals don’t seem to count much for eternity on a daily basis. Learn how service in the home can cultivate a heart for God in your children, and how you can serve God and your family through your parenting.

Body Image

The topic of true beauty can perhaps be one of the most challenging issues women face in a culture that dictates how you should look, act, think and feel. While living in a culture full of mixed and misguided signals, may you be most concerned with the beauty that lasts.




Unbelieving Family

The mention of "family" can bring two reactions: great joy and great sorrow. Many of us live in the midst of hard situations, whether we grew up in a non-Christian home, are married to an unbeliever, or are filled with anguish over rebellious children. We’ve provided a few resources to help encourage you to remain faithful to the Lord and to be a faithful witness to your family as you cry out for God to do a great work.


Contrary to common thought, singleness is not a misfortune to be dreaded or resented, but it is a wonderful gift from God to be received with gratitude. If you or someone you know desires to experience joy and fullness as a single, we trust these resources will shed light on this unique plan and calling of God, whether it’s for a season . . . or for a lifetime.


There are times when health problems are beyond your control and trusting in the Lord becomes a very practical matter. May these resources encourage you to trust in the Lord over matters of health.


Life can be painful and God can seem so far away at times. It’s easy for us to become discouraged. May these resources help you understand how to endure suffering, and may they point you to the God of all hope and comfort.


Living in a culture that offers much to be discouraged about, we want to continually point you back to the hope that can be found in Christ.