Podcast Episodes, Articles, Messages: Ruth


Ruth 1

  • Bitterness
    Suffering & Trials, Womanhood Ruth 1-2

    Do you ever wish you had a rich relative who could make all your financial problems go away? Nancy reminds us that we have someone infinitely better.
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  • Just Wait
    Prayer, Women of the Bible Ruth 1-3

    Our culture shouts to us that only status and position really count, but the Bible tells us something different!
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  • Commitment Over Comfort
    Suffering & Trials, Womanhood Ruth 1

    Imagine that your husband took you to a foreign country, and while you were there, he and your family died.
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  • A Redeemer
    Salvation & My New Identity, Women of the Bible Ruth 1:1-4:22

    There’s nothing better than hearing a good story told by a good storyteller. Today, Nancy welcomes actor Max McLean.
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  • A Plan for Redemption
    Womanhood Ruth 1:1-4:22

    Have you ever lost power during a storm? When that happens, even the smallest flashlight can make all the difference.
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  • Restoration
    Salvation & My New Identity, Women of the Bible Ruth 1

    Imagine losing everything! That’s what one biblical character experienced when she lost her husband, sons, home, and country.
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  • Returning Home
    Sin & Repentance, Suffering & Trials, Womanhood Ruth 1:1-4:22

    We are grateful for independence, but when we try to gain independence from God, free to do things our own way, it causes a lot of trouble.
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  • A Shortcut
    Suffering & Trials, Womanhood Ruth 1:1-4:22

    It’s hard enough to suffer consequences for our own wrongdoing, but when we face hardship through no fault of our own, we can easily become discouraged.
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  • Asking the Wrong Questions
    Suffering & Trials, Womanhood Ruth 1:1-4:22

    We tend to hope we will somehow stumble upon the right answers to our spiritual concerns.
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Ruth 2

  • Gratitude for God's Grace
    Gratitude, Women of the Bible Ruth 2

    Everything we have is a gift from God. As long as we keep this perspective, our hearts are humble, and we are sensitive to the Lord.
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  • Finding Refuge
    Womanhood Ruth 2

    Is there such a thing as coincidence for a child of God? Consider the Lord’s provision for Ruth.
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  • A Life That Speaks Volumes
    Salvation & My New Identity, Women of the Bible Ruth 2-3

    What would your life be like without Christ’s mercy? Today, Nancy reminds us how much we truly need a redeemer.
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Ruth 3

  • A Request
    Marriage, Salvation & My New Identity, Women of the Bible Ruth 3

    Can a wife have a submissive spirit even if her husband won’t provide leadership?
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Ruth 4

  • A Blessed Ceremony
    Marriage, Women of the Bible Ruth 4

    You’ve heard the debates about Social Security. Will it be around in the future? Thankfully, you never have to worry about Jesus Christ.
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  • Under New Ownership
    Salvation & My New Identity, Surrender Ruth 4

    If a store or restaurant is run down, there’s hope when a sign appears saying, "Under New Ownership." The same is true in your life.
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