Episodes, Articles, Messages: Numbers


Numbers 6

  • He Gives Peace
    Hope & Encouragement Numbers 6:22-27

    In school we learned that every letter should end with a phrase like "Sincerely" or "Yours Truly." The apostle Paul ended his letters with "Grace and peace."
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  • The Priestly Blessing
    Hope & Encouragement Numbers 6:22-27

    According to the Bible, we are to ask for God’s face to shine on His people. Learn what this means as we study the priestly blessing in Numbers 6.
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  • May His Face Shine upon You
    Hope & Encouragement Numbers 6:22 - Leviticus 6:27

    According to the Bible, we are to ask God’s face to shine on His people. Learn more about what this means as you listen to today's program.
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Numbers 11

Numbers 12

  • You Can Be Clean
    Sin & Repentance, Women of the Bible Numbers 12

    Do you hate sin? When you are grieved over your own sin, it’s evidence that you truly know God.
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  • God's Deep Mercy
    Church, Women of the Bible Numbers 12

    Nancy says a mom can lead her children and keep her cool.
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  • A Heart Scan
    Brokenness & Pride, Women of the Bible Numbers 12

    When you let a weed go, it will eventually conquer the garden. In the same way, when you let discontentment grow in your heart.
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  • Keep Me from Sin
    Brokenness & Pride, Sin & Repentance, Women of the Bible Numbers 12

    Some behaviors, such as drug addiction, are not just sinful; they’re also taboo in the church. But it’s easy to get away with other types of sin.
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  • Touched by Humility
    Women of the Bible Numbers 12

    When people get older, they often resist new ways of doing things. How can you keep from developing that kind of resistance?
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Numbers 13

  • A Brave Look at Bad News
    Fear & Anxiety Numbers 13:1-14:4

    At some point in the future, you will be the recipient of bad news. It could involve work, family, or money.
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  • Getting Past Your Obstacles
    Fear & Anxiety, Suffering & Trials Numbers 13

    What obstacles are blocking your goals? Is there any way to get through them? Join in today as Nancy shows you how.
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  • Focusing on God's Promises
    Fear & Anxiety Numbers 13

    Are you living a life worth remembering? It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your past looks like.
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  • Into the Face of Fear
    Fear & Anxiety Numbers 13-14

    If you weren’t afraid to fail, what would you try to accomplish? Nancy coaches you through fear to action.
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  • The Faith to Take a Step
    Fear & Anxiety, Surrender Numbers 13:1-14:45

    There are plenty of things all around you that inspire fear. You can dwell on those fears today, or you can cultivate faith. Nancy shares how.
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Numbers 14

  • Follow Me
    Surrender Numbers 14

    The most effective leaders are also the most effective followers. Find out why, when Nancy continues to teach from the life of Joshua.
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Numbers 20

  • Accusations, Machinations, and Exaggerations
    Suffering & Trials Numbers 20:1-14

    When you’re in a mix of worry, grief, and need, where do you turn? Do you criticize those in leadership? Here’s something that’s far more powerful.
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  • Don’t Squander Your Trial
    Suffering & Trials Numbers 20:1-13

    When stress and trouble seem overwhelming, you have a great opportunity. It’s your chance to learn to lean on the Lord and experience significant growth.
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Numbers 22

Numbers 27

  • Passing on the Baton
    Friendships & Mentoring Numbers 27

    God has given you some type of education, life experience, and expertise. Learn how to pass those gifts on to others who need your input.
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  • From a Learner to a Leader
    God Numbers 27

    Education is very important, and we want our kids to learn all they can. But at some point, they’ll leave school and use what they’ve learned.
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