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  • Thirst and Satisfaction
    Women of the Bible John 4:1-42

    No matter what you’ve done, there is hope for a fresh start. That’s something a thirsty woman discovered in Jesus’ day. And it’s something we need too.
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  • Jesus Cares for Women
    Women of the Bible John 4:1-42

    In Jesus’ day, like ours, there were societal problems like racism and sexism. Hear how a simple conversation Jesus had was radically counter-cultural.
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  • Satisfying Our Thirst, Part 7
    God John 4:13-14

    A woman, who has learned the principles that Nancy has been teaching in this current series, sings a song she composed herself on today's Re
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  • Satisfying Our Thirst, Part 4
    God John 4:19-39

    What exactly does it mean to worship Jesus in spirit and in truth? Nancy Leigh DeMoss answers that question on today's Revive Our Hearts.
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  • Satisfying Our Thirst, Part 3
    God John 4:16-17

    Is there an area in your life that you would like to hide from God?
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  • Satisfying Our Thirst, Part 2
    God John 4:7-7:16

    Do you believe that God can really bring peace or comfort in your situation?
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  • Satisfying Our Thirst, Part 1
    God John 4:4

    Do the demands of life sometimes seem overwhelming?
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  • Come See a Man
    God, Salvation & My New Identity John 4

    You can’t worship with a mask on. Learn to worship, not just with your mouth, but in spirit and in truth.
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  • Taking Off the Mask
    God, Salvation & My New Identity John 4

    Is there an area of life you don't want anyone to know about? Jesus offers you freedom when you give Him those areas and get real with other people.
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  • An Encounter with Living Water
    Women of the Bible John 4:7-45

    You are thirsty. There’s a deep craving in your soul, and only one thing can satisfy it. Erin Davis shows you the depth of your need and how to satisfy it.
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  • The Woman at the Well
    Janet Parshall Women of the Bible John 4:1-45

    Deep down, everyone is thirsty. People try to quench the thirst in all kinds of ways. Janet Parshall tells of a woman whose thirst was truly satisfied.
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John 6

  • Bread of Life
    God John 6:22-59

    Imagine hearing someone say, “Eat my bread and live forever!” One person did say that. A lot of people heard it as an outrageous claim.
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John 7

John 8

  • A Gum Wrapper and a Dark Path
    God John 8:12

    Laura Booz was lost in the woods without a flashlight. While wandering around, a gum wrapper taught her something important about the light.
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  • Light of the World
    God John 8:12

    “I am the Light of the World.” When Jesus made this claim, it wasn’t just a simple metaphor. To His original hearers, this would have been a big deal.
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  • A Sinful Woman's Encounter with Grace
    Salvation & My New Identity, Women of the Bible John 8:1-11

    The Bible tells the story of a woman called “adulterous woman.” What a label. Erin Davis talks about the labels we wear, and about her encounter with Jesus.
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John 11

  • Resurrection and the Life
    God John 11:17-27

    The resurrection is not just an event, it is that, but more than that, it is a Person. “I am the Resurrection and the Life.”
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John 12

  • Jesus Adored
    Bob Bakke Christian Growth John 12:1-7

    A lot of us equate “worship” with “singing.” But the gospel of John tells us about a woman who worshipped Jesus through an extravagant gift.
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John 14

  • The Truth
    God John 14:6

    When a piano tuner adjusts your piano, he uses a tuning fork. Nancy explains why tuning to an objective standard is important. It matters in music and life.
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  • Staying Committed to an Unbeliever
    Marriage John 14:13-14

    You love your husband, but what do you do when your husband doesn’t love God? Today on <i>Revive Our Hearts</i> you’ll hear the story of a w
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John 17

  • Help for the Busy Woman
    Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth Time Management John 17:4

    Feeling overwhelmed? Learn to seek God for what He wants you to do.
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  • Time Robbers
    Time Management John 17:4

    How much of your time falls victim to “time robbers"? Today Nancy Leigh DeMoss defines what those might be and helps us recognize and remedy those things.
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John 18

  • The Easter Story (Max McLean)
    Holidays John 18-21

    Nancy encourages you to just listen to God’s Word and let the Easter story wash over you. Max McLean makes the story come alive from the book of John.
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John 19

  • Mary's Witness to the Gospel
    Holidays, Salvation & My New Identity John 19:25-27

    Mary’s story doesn’t end at the stable. We’re about to look at a suffering and risen Savior through the eyes of a mom.
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  • The Word of Triumph
    God, Salvation & My New Identity John 19:28-30

    What was the single greatest word ever uttered in the history of mankind? Nancy says that word was proclaimed by Jesus on the cross.
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  • The Word of Agony
    God John 19:28-30

    "I thirst." It sounds like a simple request. But when Jesus uttered these words on the cross, it was a profound statement.
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  • The Word of Devotion
    God John 19:23-27

    As Jesus suffered on the cross, He took time for a very practical matter. He made provision for a widow who was about to lose her firstborn son.
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John 20

John 21

  • Loving God Over Everyone Else
    News & Updates John 21:1-14

    Nancy has been serving in ministry as a single woman. But she has an announcement. Hear her big news and get to know a very important person in her life.
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