Podcast Episodes, Articles, Messages: Job

Chapter 1

  • When Parenting Doesn’t Make Sense
    Topics: Motherhood   Scripture: Job 1:1-22

    Does God ever act in a way that doesn’t make sense to you? Nancy helps you prepare for moments that just don’t make sense. Read More

  • A Story You Can’t Always See
    Topics: Motherhood   Scripture: Job 1:1-22

    If you walk with the Lord and invest in your children’s lives, it doesn’t guarantee a crisis-free life. Read More

  • Parenting in the Real World
    Topics: Motherhood   Scripture: Job 1:1-22

    The book of Job shows us that walking with God doesn’t mean we’re exempt from walking through trials. Still, we often question why we must experience suffering. Read More

Chapter 28

  • Where to Find Wisdom
    Topics: Christian Growth   Scripture: Job 28:1-28

    Wisdom, as God defines it, has a lot less to do with the kind of degree you have from school and a lot more to do with what’s most important. Read More