Podcast Episodes, Articles, Messages: Jeremiah


Jeremiah 2

Jeremiah 3

  • Repairing a Slow Leak
    Christian Growth, Women's Ministry Jeremiah 3:14-20

    Busy people face certain types of temptation. Nancy shares openly about the temptations she faces, even while doing worthwhile things for God.
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  • Returning to Your Love
    Christian Growth, Women's Ministry Jeremiah 3:12-22

    Almost all of us would be quick to say, "I’m busy!" The danger in busyness is it threatens the most important relationship we have.
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Jeremiah 9

  • Women of the Word
    Bible Reading & Memorization Jeremiah 9:20

    Nancy says the Bible is more than just an add-on to your life. Your faith can't survive without a consistent infusion of the Word.
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Jeremiah 36

  • Outlasting the Critics
    Bible Reading & Memorization Jeremiah 36:1-24

    When one of the kings received the Word of God, he didn’t like what it said. So he cut the scroll up and threw it in the fire. We would never do that, right?
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