Podcast Episodes, Articles, Messages: Deuteronomy

Chapter 6

  • More Than a List
    Topics: Modesty, Purity & Beauty, Motherhood, Womanhood   Scripture: Deuteronomy 6:3-9

    Don't start with a list. Start with the principles of God's Word. Teach your children, beginning at the earliest ages, what God thinks when it comes to modesty. Read More

Chapter 8

  • Encouragement for Black Friday
    Topics: Suffering & Trials   Scripture: Deuteronomy 8:1-19

    Nancy helps counsel your heart with the truth about post-holiday letdown or any other time you feel down. Read More

Chapter 18

  • The Prophetic Ministry of Christ
    Topics: God   Scripture: Deuteronomy 18:15-19

    Have you ever heard Jesus referred to as a prophet? When you get into the mindset of the people in Jesus' day, you'll understand why His role was so important. Read More

Chapter 27

  • Two Mountains
    Topics: God, Salvation & My New Identity   Scripture: Deuteronomy 27

    Learn how to discover the fullness of the New Testament with Nancy on today's Revive Our Hearts. Read More

Chapter 32

  • A Foundation You Can Trust
    Topics: God   Scripture: Deuteronomy 32

    Over the last year, institutions once considered solid and secure have crumbled. What holds you steady when the ground is shifting under you? Read More

  • No Empty Words
    Topics: God   Scripture: Deuteronomy 32

    The songs of a nation reflect the mood of the people. Music can convey contentment, fear, or trust. What kind of song are you singing? Read More