Podcast Episodes, Articles, Messages: Acts

Chapter 1

  • The Ascension of Christ
    Topics: God   Scripture: Acts 1:9

    Forty days after being raised from the dead, Jesus ascended to heaven. Most churches don’t make a big deal of this event. Did it really matter? Read More

  • The Ministry of the Forty Days
    Topics: God   Scripture: Acts 1:3-8

    When you've been traveling for a long time, aren't you eager to get home? After the resurrection Jesus was probably eager to return to heaven, but He stayed. Read More

Chapter 6

Chapter 20

  • A Deep, Difficult Good-bye
    Topics: Friendships & Mentoring, Hope & Encouragement   Scripture: Acts 20

    The apostle Paul knew all about authentic community and difficult good-byes. Nancy will explore Paul's relationships in the body of Christ. Read More

  • Far Better than Cotton Candy
    Topics: Bible Reading & Memorization, God   Scripture: Acts 20

    If you wanted you could fill up on cotton candy every meal. Not only would that be extremely unhealthy, but it would also get boring. Nancy Read More

  • You are in the Crosshairs
    Topics: The Enemy   Scripture: Acts 20

    Whether you realize it or not, you are under attack from false teachers and others hostile to your faith. Read More

  • You Can Finish the Race
    Topics: God   Scripture: Acts 20

    Big transitions will turn your life upside down. A new baby. A full moving van. A new job. They can all tempt you to lose perspective. Read More

  • How to Handle Good-byes
    Topics: Friendships & Mentoring   Scripture: Acts 20

    "Good-bye." It can be one of the most painful words that we speak. The apostle Paul had to express good-bye many times in his ministry. Read More