Podcast Episodes: James

Chapter 1

  • Growing in Holiness
    Topics: Revival   Scripture: James 1:21

    Getting on an exercise program or reading a book on effectiveness—-all these things can be helpful. But have you ever thought about growing in holiness? Read More

  • Channels of God's Generosity
    Topics: Missional Living   Scripture: James 1:17

    Nancy says the church has been called to provide for the poor. But in many cases, the church has given that role up. Read More

Chapter 2

  • A Faith that Saves
    Topics: Grief & Death, Salvation & My New Identity   Scripture: James 2:14

    "We all have faith in something, but not all faiths save." That statement was made by a woman dying of cancer. She’ll challenge you to evaluate your faith. Read More

Chapter 3

  • Teaching the Word, Day 2
    Topics: Women's Ministry   Scripture: James 3:1-2

    Jen Wilkin will show you how to embrace the need to teach and invest others. And she’ll also show you how to do it with a sense of healthy fear. Read More

  • Teaching the Word, Day 1
    Topics: Women's Ministry   Scripture: James 3:1-2

    James says not many should become teachers. But in Titus we’re told that older women are to teach younger women. How do you reconcile these two passages? Read More

Chapter 4

  • Saying No to Fear and His Buddies
    Topics: Fear, Anxiety & Emotions   Scripture: James 4:7-10

    Fear tempts all of us. Karen Loritts says one problem with fear is that it brings buddies. Find out what she means as she speaks candidly about fear. Read More

  • Rescued from Bitterness
    Topics: Forgiveness & Bitterness   Scripture: James 4:7-10

    Is there any cure for bitterness? Karen Loritts knows what it’s like to be hurt. She knows what it’s like to harbor bitterness. Read More

  • When Wants Are Seen as Needs
    Topics: Sin & Repentance, Words & The Tongue   Scripture: James 4:1-3

    What happens when you mistake wants for needs? Paul David Tripp says one result is anger. Learn to avoid sinful anger by keeping wants and needs straight. Read More

  • When Good Things Become Too Important
    Topics: Sin & Repentance   Scripture: James 4:1-3

    You get angry when good things become too important in your life. Paul David Tripp shows you how to avoid sinful anger by helping you examine your heart. Read More