Podcast Episodes: Bible Reading & Memorization

Bible Reading & Memorization

A Daily Supply

A Devotional Rut

A Lonely Place

A Pillar of Cloud

A Tent of Meeting

A Woman of the Word

An Incredible View

Away from the Distractions

Be Still

Come Away

Daily Routines

Determined and Creative

Devotions or Devotion?

Dig for Treasure

Divine Interruptions

Drink Deeply

During These Years

Every Day?

Everybody Needs Me!

Evidence of Growth

Face to Face

Fixed Pitch

Garden of Growth

Getting the Bible Through You

Getting the Bible Through You

Give Me Understanding

God Is Speaking

God's Love Letter

Good Advice

Great Memory

He Wants to Hear Your Voice


How Early is Early?

Hungry Souls

I Can't Find the Time

I Could Not Find Him

I Need Him

Ignoring the Plot

In the Morning

Intimate with God

Jumping Through Hoops

Just Making Noise

Knowing God's Ways

Lifeless Routine

Listening and Responding

Love Is Like a Diamond

Meeting the President



Missing the Point

Morning Choices

New and Old Treasures

One Thing I Desire

One Thing Is Needed

Open My Eyes

Open the Door

Our Top Priority

Power From God's Presence

Preparing for a Meeting

Random Reading

Recording a Response

Restore My Soul

Sitting at the Feet of Jesus

Sleep in Peace

So What?

Struggling for Words

Success the Night Before

Susannah Wesley

Teach Me Your Paths

The Battle

The Blueprints

The First Face

The First Hour

The First Sacrifice

The Fragrance of Christ

The Garden

The Hammer

The Joyful Word

The One Thing

The Power of the Word

The Quiet Time Chair

The Textbook

The Ways of God

Time Set Apart

Transformed by the King's Love

Tune My Heart

Two Sentences

Watch and Pray

Well-Balanced Reading

What Does It Say?

What If?

What Kind of Disciple?

Why Am I Tired?

Word for Word

Write in Your Bible