Episodes: Suffering & Trials

Suffering & Trials

A Biblical Response to America's Tragedy, Part 1

A Biblical Response to America's Tragedy, Part 2

A Biblical Response to America's Tragedy, Part 3

A Biblical Response to America's Tragedy, Part 4

A Biblical Response to America's Tragedy, Part 5

God's Choicest Tool

Squeezed by Suffering

Why Is Life So Hard?

Have Your Own Way, Lord

Squeezed by Life's Pressures

Are You in Trouble?

Be Still!

In the Midst of the Storm

The River of God

Things That Stop the Heart

When You are Battered by Fear

Why Do the Nations Rage?

God Will Use This in Some Way

400 Years of Silence Broken

You Can Develop More Self-Control

Good News Is Better than Wishful Thinking

How to Find Comfort in God's Strength

Cancer and Contentment, Part 1

Cancer and Contentment, Part 3

Cancer and Contentment, Part 4

Thanks for Saving My Life

God’s Faithfulness in Life’s Storms

Ten Years of Encouraging Hearts

Come Away and Rest, Day 3

An Expression of Faith

Crying Out in Thanksgiving

During Temptation

Persistence in Crying Out

Racing to the Scene

When Prayers Seem to Go Unanswered

Learning the Language of Biblical Lament

Sorrow Mixed with Light

The Lament of Jesus

The Right Way to Complain

Facing the Fear of Cancer

Hope Is a Person

When Grace Sends You into the Storm

A Good Giver

God's Loving Hands


Inward Renewal

The Valley of Deep Darkness

Enduring With Joy

Expect Suffering

God Will Help You Endure

Helping Others Endure

Holding Up Under Pressure

The Purpose of Suffering

The Reality of Resurrection

The Results of Endurance

What You Know and Who You Know

You Have a Future

A Son's Perspective

An Unconditional "Yes" to God

Is It Worth It?

Relational Endurance

What Do You Live For?

Finding God in the Desert, Part 1

Finding God in the Desert, Part 2

Finding God in the Desert, Part 3

Finding God in the Desert, Part 4

Finding God in the Desert, Part 5

Finding God in the Desert, Part 6

Finding God in the Desert, Part 7

The World Goes Quiet

In the Middle of Your Struggle

Encouragement for Black Friday

God Is in Your Most Desperate Situation

Fruitful in the Place of Affliction

Fruitful in the Place of Affliction

He’s with You in the Storm

He’s with You in the Storm

His Love Endures Forever

His Love Endures Forever

God's Jewels

Losing My Life for Christ's Sake

Never Done

Blessed Be The Name

Fear and Trembling

Have You Prayed About It?

Trials that Reveal Your Heart

Unexpected Answers



The Squeeze

Held in the Everlasting Arms: A Message From Elisabeth Elliot

Helping Me Breathe Again: Katie Laitkep's Story

Hope When It Hurts, Day 1

Hope When It Hurts, Day 2

Hope When It Hurts, Day 3

Facing the Future with Faith

Our Confidence

Like a River Glorious

Engaging in Battle

Your Battle is the Lord's

Your Greatest Opportunity

Getting Past Your Obstacles

Jesus Knows Your Suffering

Meeting God in the Middle of Suffering

Purposeful Suffering

Raising Strong Children

Revelation Part 3, Day 3

Spiritually Rich

Practical Hope

What It Means to Truly Conquer

Lies Women Believe About Themselves, Part 7

No Situation Is Hopeless

Watching Her Daughter Fight for Life

Willing to Be Used by God

Why You Should Expect Suffering

When God Doesn't Seem to Answer

When You Feel Alone

Trusting in Christ Alone

When (Not If) Disaster Comes

A Shortcut

Asking the Wrong Questions


Commitment Over Comfort

Returning Home

A Whole Different Prayer

Courage in a Foreign Land

How to Sing in a Foreign Land, Day 2

Pain That Points to a Glorious Future

Setting Your Eyes Toward Home

This Is Not the End of the Story

Is It Worth It?

Running with Resolution

Cry Out to God in the Storm

God Is Sovereign in the Storm

God Provides a Refuge

Our Theology is Tested During Storms

Peace Comes in Knowing Who God Is

Storms: A Means to Glorify God

Trusting God in the Storms of Life

When It Seems the Storm Will Never End

Will You Love God, Even If

Worship in the Midst of Storms

Suffering Is Not for Nothing

A Pathway to the Heart of God

A Testing Ground for Heaven

How Firm a Foundation

The Image of His Son

The Other Side of the Cross

Who Meets Your Deepest Needs?

The Blessing of Thorns, Day 1

The Blessing of Thorns, Day 2

The Blessing of Thorns, Day 3

The Blessing of Thorns, Day 5 with Lauren Chandler

How Much Pain is Enough?

Squeezing the Lemon

The Gift of Suffering, with Bunny Wilson

Let Me Be Your Warning

The Dark Valley

You Anoint My Head with Oil

Praising Through Tears

The Stakes Are Higher than You Think

Perspective on Suffering

Thriving in a Painful World

He’s in Control— I’m Not

When God Seems Silent

Take Your Hands Off the Wheel!

The Father's Arms

True Shelter

Good-Bye to Me

"I Can't Do This!"

Demands in the Desert

Discipline in the Desert

Equipped in the Desert

Handling Hardships

Surprised in the Desert

Surviving the Desert

Tested in the Desert

Valley Reality

Remembering God’s Past Protection

What to Do When Your Plot Twists

The Eyes of the Lord

When Marriages Hurt

Prone to Wander

Whatever it Takes

Accusations, Machinations, and Exaggerations

Don’t Squander Your Trial

Hard is Not Always Bad

God’s Goodness and Our Suffering

The Hope of Eternity

He Does All Things Well

Walking in Faith, Not Fear

God Is Good, and God Is Sovereign

How to Have Peace in Trials (Isaiah 54)

Let God Write Your Résumé

Trusting God as You Care for Your Spouse, with Kimberly Wagner

Trusting God with Your Spouse’s Future

What’s Your Story?

When You Watch Others Suffer

When You’re Treated Unjustly