Episodes: Revival


A Longing for Revival

A Cry for Revival, Day 5

A Picture of Revival

A Prayer for Urgent Times

God’s Tough Love

Praying with Intensity and Humility

A Heartbeat for Prayer

Mercy Drops Falling Around Us

A Highway for Our God, Day 1

A Highway for Our God, Day 2

A Revival in My House

An Urgent Plea

God's Perspective

Pointing a Finger Inward

The Calm After the Storm

A Desperate Need

What Would Revival Look Like?

From Death to Life

The Role of Emotion in Revival

When Does a Nation Need Revival?

Are You a Proud Person or a Broken Person?

Fallen on the Rock

Preparing for Brokenness

Radical Repentance

What Is True Brokenness?

Ten Years of Promoting Revival

Crying From Your Heart

Getting to Know Nancy, Part 2

A Portrait of Personal Revival

A Portrait of Personal Revival

More Than Calling Him Lord

A Heart for Worship

A Spirit-Controlled Marriage

An Inward Work of God

Mercy Drops of Revival

What God Is Doing Around the World

Portrait of an Effective Servant, Day 3

Preparing for the Most Important Guest

Your First Priority

Don't Drop the Baton

A Heart to Reach the World

A Revived Church on the Move

Seeking God for Revival

Are You Desperate?

Can These Bones Live?

Praying for Revival

Why Seek Him?

Will He Be Found?

Lighting a Dark World

Practical Steps to Purity

Protecting Our Brothers

Restoring Intimacy

Small Choices, Big Results

Asking God to Revive His People

Power for Change

Showing God to the World

The Beauty of Surrender

The Pull of the Flesh

Alone with God

Beyond Quiet Time

In the Presence of the Lord

Outside the Camp

The Soil

A Pride Test

Broken People

Brokenness Brings Blessing

Humble Prayer

Who Lifts You Up?

Fulton Street

No Actresses

No Secrets

The Results of Honesty

God's View of Sin

I Repent

One Vital Message

Ongoing Repentance

The One Great Tragedy

Channels of Grace

Good News for Imperfect People

Grace is Divine Beauty

Real Stories of Grace

The Dry Branch

A Powerful Witness

Far from Sin

Growing in Holiness

Holiness in the Church

Revival and Holiness

Assurance in Obedience

Being Real in Revival

Do You Want to be Blessed? Obey!

Obedience in Action

Praying for Obedience

Are You Right With God?

Clearing Your Conscience for God's Glory

Is Your Conscience Clear?

Praying for a Clear Conscience


Confront or Overlook?

How Do I Forgive?

The Offender or the Offended?

The Power to Forgive

The Process of Healing

The Reward for Seeking Him

Why Should You Seek the Lord?

Dry Bones Live Again

Lord, You Know!

A Clear Conscience, Day 1

A Clear Conscience, Day 2

A Clear Conscience, Day 3

A Clear Conscience, Day 4

A Clear Conscience

Holiness: A Heart Like His




Seeking Him for Revival

No Actresses

No Secrets

A Pride Test

Who Lifts You Up?

Assurance in Obedience

Do You Want to be Blessed? Obey!

Obedience in Action

Praying for Obedience

1857 Prayer Revival, Day 1

1857 Prayer Revival, Day 2

The Break Came

The Calling of Evan Roberts

The Church Found Her Song

The Churches Were Packed

The Profession of Florie Evans

The Effects of Revival

The Widespread Effects of Revival

Learning to Live Free

Psalm 126, Day 1

Psalm 126, Day 10

Psalm 126, Day 2

Psalm 126, Day 3

Psalm 126, Day 4

Psalm 126, Day 5

Psalm 126, Day 6

Psalm 126, Day 7

Psalm 126, Day 8

Psalm 126, Day 9

The Second Great Awakening, Day 1

The Second Great Awakening, Day 2

The Role of Prayer in Spiritual Awakening

When the Church Comes Back to Life

Starting the Journey

Revival and Repentance

Revival and Surrender

A Heart that Welcomes Revival

A Sense of Expectation

Bought With a Price

Resisting Revival

Reversing the Decline

The Beauty of Holiness

A Complete Takeover

Can These Bones Live?

Empowered to Serve

Empowered to Share


Preparing Ourselves

Preparing the Church


Rend the Heavens

The Presence of God

Zechariah's Hymn, Day 10